Google Blog Search - Another Great Reason To Have an RSS Newsletter

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Google recently announced a Beta Version of their Blog Search Engine. Blogs are the perfect tool for a Newsletter publisher and now that Google allows users to Search Blogs their really is no better medium to publish your Newsletter (AKA Ezine) then an Online Blog with an RSS Feed.

Creating an RSS or Blog is simple here are the 4 steps to follow.

1 - Select a Topic

You need to select a topic for your Newletter. The following questions should enable you to pick many topics

  1. What are You Good at?
  2. What are your Hobbies?
  3. What do you consider yourself an Expert in?
  4. What do people seek your advice on?
  5. What would you like to learn more about?

2 - Get a Free Blog

Go to and get a free blog. They are owned by Google so you should not have any problems getting indexed by the Google blog search engine.

3 - Write Your First Post

Write your first post is as simple as stating what your newsletter is about and how frequently you plan to post

4 - Never Ending Content

Remember you are a newsletter publisher not an author. It is good to create original content once or twice a month but you can republish articles from others for the rest of your content.

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3 Reasons To Publish An E-Newsletter AND A Blog
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