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How to Rework, Reuse and Recycle Your Writing to Make More Money


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If you want to use your writing to generate income and plenty of it, observe what successful internet marketers do. They take an idea or concept and turn it into an ebook. Then they use the same basic information and create multiple products of greater value.

The advantage of taking a marketers’ approach to your writing projects is that it gives you multiple products at various price points. So you gain extra sources of income, attract more customers into your business and boost your profits significantly by simply repackaging and re-purposing the same information you already assembled.

How can you use these same tactics to increase your writing income? It's easy. Begin with the basics like a simple article and consider the ways you can use your helpful information over and over again.

Write several articles covering various aspects of the same topic and you have a collection that can be compiled into an ebook. Just group them together, place them in a logical, reader-friendly order, add a few links to your own web site or affiliate products, and create a cover page and you're done. Now you have an ebook that can be sold as is. You could also sell the reprint or resale rights to others, creating another avenue of revenue. Or you can use this same product as the basis for your information empire.

You could use the same article you just wrote and put it in your newsletter, ezine, or as part of your e-course. Another possibility is to expand the article by adding extra information or examples and make it a chapter of your book. Another approach is to take one article and turn it into several additional articles. you could spin off each main point and turn it into a complete and unique article.

Reworking, reusing and recycling can be accomplished in many ways.

Take any ebook you created and turn it into an audio version. It's easier than you think. All you need is a quality microphone and recording software, or a digital voice recorder.

Use free material to attract prospects to your business and into your sales funnel by subscribing to your free newsletter. Free articles and reports helps you to build an audience and it allows others to get to know you and what you have to offer.

Paid products can evolve from your free offerings by using the same basic material as a foundation. Rewrite or reformat your articles. Add new material as you see fit.

Repackage your information to make it look worthy of the price you're asking. Convert your digital products into physical products. Add multiple formats. Transfer your writing to audio, or create screen capture videos. If you make presentations or speeches, have someone record you and then make it available on DVD.

The sky is the limit here. All it takes is a little creativity. It's easy to develop multiple products and ramp up the value of your offerings.

Writing a book doesn't have to be difficult. Anyone can do it IN JUST DAYS and make a lot of money. Most people dream of it at some point in their lives. . . but few follow through to live the dream. If you want to discover more red-hot secrets to writing your book super-fast and cashing in for years to come - check out my web site TODAY:


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