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The First Secret of Success in Information Business


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It is said that that secret to success is to seek an inherent problem and provide solution to it and this is true of information business whether 100% online or offline. Success comes with selling information products that solve a defined problem for a defined set of people. People won't mind to spend any amount on a product or service they know will solve a problem for them. For instance, Indomie Noodles is selling because it solves a problem for busy people who don't have much time to cook, bachelors find it easy to cook, and even mothers find it convenient.

Ours GSM companies are declaring their profits in billions of naira because they solved and are still solving the problems of communication for people. Know it now that anyone who can come up with an alternative to PHCN will make money in billions because people are frustrated and even disillusioned by this energy supplier. So, the hidden formula for information products success(and even online success)is:discover a human need and find a solution to it. Simple. Very simple. Yet, many people miss it.

If you want to become a traffic magnet, solve problems for people. If you want to become a money magnet, solve problems for people. If you want your Information Products and even Internet business to really blossom, solve problems for people. You must understand that people pursue those who can solve their most pressing needs. Now, what sort of problems do people have? According to John Harrichan, publisher of “Insight2000" Ezine, Üthere are only three problems in life: money, health and relationship. If you can shed new light on these problems and provide solutions that will assist in making peoples’ lives a glorious adventure, you are sure to smile to the bank.

That's it!

So simple and yet it works. I will explain it all here now. Solve a Problem for People & Then Offer the Solution as a Product or Service. For as long as humans have problems, there's always an opportunity to get rich. Someone thought of bagging water. . . he called it “pure water" and today hundreds of people are millionaires from that single solution to the problem of hygiene.

Imagine if you can get a cure for the deadly AIDS virus and you offer the cure in a 10paged step-by-step manual. What do you think will happen by the end of the week if you offer the report for just N3,000 and 20 people snap it from you? Of course, I don't have to spell it to you. That's a cool N60k in a week! If you make that sort of money for 4 consecutive weeks, you and I know what that means to your bank account.

What you have just finished reading is my formula for information products marketing and online success. Apply it and see your bank account soar with money.

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