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Wealth is a Choice Money is the Result!

Bill Leahy

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Wealth is a choice, and money is the result of that choice. Wealth has a different meaning to each person, but to have all the things you desire it takes money. Money is the results of your labor, but each persons labor is different. Internet Marketing is selling informational products which are the results of the authors’ labor. When that informational product is sold the result is the author receives money. The results of money is a nice house, nice cars, and time freedom with your family.

The average person working a job is trading hours for dollars! That means if that person works for 40 hours then he gets a paycheck, which was the result of his labor. A self-employed person has overhead, but basically he is still trading hours for dollars. The truth is that he only gets paid for the amount of work he does. A small business hires employees to do the labor, and the employees get a paycheck, and the business owner is responsible for paying the expenses of the company. When the small business can not cover the expenses it fails. The above scenarios are about the person trading hours for dollars, he only gets paid once for each hour he works. Wealth is a choice for each of us, and we are all looking to get paid multiple times for our labor. By taking a little money, and investing it in a part time business on the Internet, you can get paid multiple times for your informational products that you sell.

The average person selling informational products online puts their labor into creating a product one time, and can sell the product many times. There are many products that people are buying online, like working from home, how to drive traffic, or how to get traffic, and about list building. Without a list you really do not have a business. Some people would call this a form of passive income because you do the work once, but it can pay you for many times over a period of years. You can write an e-book online, and sell it, and never have to pay a publishing company. People are looking for information to solve their challenges or problems, and they are willing to pay you for those answers.

It is like building an apartment complex, once it is finished you are able to rent each unit, and as long as you maintain the units, that apartment complex will pay you for the next 50 to 60 years or until you sell it. The government gives you tax breaks, because you are supplying housing for many families, therefore you receive a lower tax rate. It is income that is not generated by labor it is considered passive income by the IRS. That is why many people doing Internet marketing, and selling informational products, feel it is a form of passive income.

The results from everything is money, if you pay someone to teach you it is an investment in yourself, and most people pay for college. Once you have gained knowledge you can teach others, and then you can get paid. When you pay for being taught the results is the knowledge you gained, and when you share that knowledge to teach others the results is you receive the money. So we can see that the results of everything we do in life has something to do with money, therefore, wealth is a choice!

Here is a free Ebook before you read more! Bill wants more people to understand that they have the power to be wealthy. Wealth is a choice is about a plan to go from where you are to wealth.


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