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Product Creation And Profits

Ward Tipton

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Content is King and the Money is in the List but what does all of that mean if you do not have anything to sell to the people that come to your site or that wait anxiously for your newsletters and emails? It means you are doing a lot of work for little to nothing. Still, many people are stymied when it comes to product creation. Quite often, they will think about all of the things that they cannot do rather than focusing on what they can.

If you already have your own product or even a product line, congratulations are in order. Many people do not even have their first product out yet however. What about you? Are you making a living selling your own products or still looking for that perfect idea? Everybody needs something but not everybody needs the same thing . . . even within the same niche. You are not very likely to create something that everybody will need no matter how good you are. So does that mean you should quit now?

Stop and think about what is preventing you from creating a product right now? Why cant you start making your product tonight or even today? What is your excuse? You do not know how to write very well? E-books and reports are popular but they are not the only products being sold on the internet. So you do not know anything about scripts or programming perhaps. Again, programs are not the only thing making money online. Rather than looking at what you cannot do, take a moment and list out what you can do.

Go through that list and keep one very important thing in mind. Not everybody who makes money with Internet Marketing makes physical or even digital products to be sold online. Many Internet Marketers do very well providing services for other people. Maybe you are great at making websites but you do not have any good ideas for templates. Try offering your services to other people who are in need of having websites designed and built. In the process you may even find some ideas that you never knew you had.

Just because you do not feel that you are a great writer, never become afraid of the pen and paper either. Writing down ideas will not only help you to remember them but will also allow you to compare and combine them. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, you may find that perfect combination that you need to get you started with your very own endeavors. If you can do anything at all and do it well, you already have what somebody else needs. You just have to find those people and present it to them in such a way that they are not only willing, but happy to pay you to do what they cannot.

Some of the greatest partnerships have been formed out of necessity, forged through difficult times devising a plan to work out their differences and finalized with some amazing products that eventually earn a substantial amount of money for those that participated in the creation. Create worrying about what you cannot do and worry about what you can. Learn to market your concepts and ideas the same as you would a physical or digital product and you may be pleasantly surprised at how successful you can become.

Ward Tipton has been an author and editor for over twenty years. He has specialized the last three years in writing for some of the most prominent Internet Marketers around the world. He is now breaking out on his own and slowly but surely breaking into the world of Internet Marketing from a unique perspective and with a style and abilities that go much farther than his power of persuasion utilizing nothing more than the written word. His latest site, Entrepreneur Culture will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable resource for anyone who ever wanted to learn anything at all about writing.


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Product Creation - How To Find Out If Your Product Will Sell Before It Goes Live
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