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Resell Ebooks for Profit

Matt Garrett

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Millions of people never stop to think that every day of their lives they are involved in resale transactions. Every time they make a purchase of an item from someone besides the person who created or grew it, they are completing a resale transaction, and without resellers, the global economy would come to a very swift and jolting halt.

Reselling for a profit is something that anyone can do, especially with the advent of the Internet and the elimination of the need for a brick and mortar storefront.

Reselling on the Internet can involve concrete items; many traditional retailers have websites from which consumers can order the same products found to the retail store shelves.

But the Internet has become the global marketplace for intellectual property; there is a huge Internet demand for software, articles, and especially ebooks. And the thing that makes all of them double attractive is that they can be sold not just for the use of the buyer, but with resell rights.

The right to resell ebooks, for example means that you can pay once for the ebooks, and then sell them again and again, keeping every penny you make.

You will not be required to hand over any of you earnings in the form of royalties to the ebooks’ creators, so the rights to resell ebooks can be quite lucrative if you go about marketing the ebooks in the right way.

If you buy an ebook on natural weight loss products, for instance, with resale rights, you may pay two hundred dollars for it.

But those who resell ebooks typically try to create volume sales, which mean that they can offer the ebooks at very low prices, say $9.99, and will be in profit on their 21st sales. Because ebooks are intellectual property, there is no delivery expense involved.

Those who resell ebooks with resale rights attached will have an advantage over those who resell the ebooks as standalone products because most people will jump at the chance to buy something on which they have a chance of recouping their own purchase.

So master rights to resell ebooks for resale are preferable to, but more expensive than, basic rights to resell ebooks strictly for personal use.

Another advantage of deciding to resell ebooks is that you can use them to build you customer lists by offering the ebooks at a discounted price to those who join your website or sign up for your email newsletter. When you start to resell ebooks, you’ll need to draft your own sales letter and you can include in it any affiliate links you have, and also add affiliate links to the thank you letter you send to those who purchase your ebooks.

The more of you affiliate lings you have in circulation, the better are your chances of adding affiliate profits to your ebook resale profits.

The single most important thing you can do to get if on the right foot when you decide to resell ebooks is only pay for resale right on ebooks which are not only topical, but are well written and provide accurate information.

In the rush to resell ebooks for profit, many people have written ebooks which are a serious waste of cyberspace, and if you become associated with selling inferior products, you can kiss your hopes of profiting from your resell ebooks rights goodbye!

Author: Matt Garrett © 2007 | 4 Minute Internet Marketing Videos

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How To Profit From Writing Ebooks
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