Ample Benefits In Teaming Podcast Radio With Internet Marketing


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As the host and Executive Producer of Google's “number one" ranked PodCast Radio Show, I believe we have made a fairly significant discovery that you can almost immediately put in motion to bolster your Internet Marketing efforts, too.

The Art Of PodCasting

There is no dispute that streaming media has been deployed effectively across the Internet now for a number of years. Enthusiasts and professionals alike have clearly figured out how to write copy (for the spoken word), operate simple audio recording software applications, plug in a microphone and record basic as well as highly produced audio messages, presentations, training and yes, even advertisements.

Podcasting is truly nothing more than what I refer to as a blog “plug-in". That is, combining a simple syndicatable blog with an audio component. The practice is very much like ordinary audio streaming (media delivery from server to browser), but with the ability to capture, download and install (automatically on the date and time of your choice) to either a local PC or directly into any one of today's available hand-held audio devices such as iRiver, iPod or Creative Zen.

PodCast Marketing Opportunities

Today's Internet marketers can now combine the power and almost lightning speed of blog syndication with valuable training and advertising messages (just like you might hear across your FM dial).

The PodCast Limit Is Your Imagination

Imagine uniting the ability to syndicate your blog and PodCast (audio component) globally in a matter of seconds.

You could easily and almost effortlessly deliver the following for added impact to your awaiting audience:

1. Product Information

2. Expert Interviews

3. Tutorials (FAQs)

4. Advertisements

5. Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

6. Fund Raising

7. Religious Programming

8. Self-Help and Personal Development

9. Coaching and Consulting

10. Meetings and Reporting

11. Network Marketing Development

These are just a tiny smattering of how you could merge blogging and PodCasting into your Internet Marketing model.

Building Strong Community

With blogging and PodCasting you are really building a more robust interactive community of listeners (prospects and customers). The blogging component allows for the easy implementation of questions, comments and suggestions from listeners (prospects and existing customers) directly into each and every blog/podcast post you make. Internet “stickiness" is key to nurturing a healthy Internet base. PodCasting is undeniably one perfect solution that can do just that for you.

A Search Engine Love Affair

Mindful search engine optimization practices are paramount and required if you are serious about leveling the Net's playing field. Blogging and PodCasting will catapult your position faster than just about any other optimization method available anywhere.

Your PodCast (Audio Blog) will be speak very friendly to those web crawlers in that Podcsting puts in proper pecking order what I like to call the “Search Engine Algorithm - Big 3".

They are:

1. Link Popularity

2. Text Rich

3. Link Rich

Learn All About PodCasting - Boost Awareness

Now's the time to make your move. Get out there. Learn and discover all you can and start drafting your very own PodCast plans.

No matter what your Internet Marketing regimen currently consists of, you will certainly want the PodCast arrow placed neatly within your Marketing Quiver!

Happy PodCast Marketing!

About Tony Marino, Ph. D. , Marketing

Dr. Tony Marino is not only the CEO of America Web Works ( ), he is also host of the PodCast Radio Show ( ), the Founder of the , the International ePublisher's Association, Christian Times eBusiness Newsletter and the author of the ePublishing Master's Course at: Additionally, he holds Email Compliance Officer status for many of today's leading Network Marketing companies.

He has also worked with the likes of legendary Direct Marketers Ted Nicholas and Gary Halbert. Best-Selling Authors, Harvey McKay, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. ABC Television's, Jimmie Kimmel and NBC's, Carson Daly. Online Marketers, Dale Calvert and Jay Abraham just to name a few. His offices are location in Portland and Los Angeles and he'd love to hear from you anytime! - 866-824-9684


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