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Many people have been sucked into the podcasting trend, starting off as listeners who one day ask themselves, “What should I be podcasting about?" Creating a podcast is not very difficult, but making the right decisions from the beginning is important.

Most podcasters choose to podcast about their hobbies and interests, things that they tend to be very passionate about. Unfortunately, many times there are not enough other people interested in the same things for the podcasts to be profitable.

Some podcasters have chosen to create a podcast in niches that tend to earn a lot of money. Some of the obvious topics that are always very profitable include health or money, and although there is money to be made in both of these categories, your interest in making money may not be as strong as your interest in your podcast topic.

Beware of what is rapidly becoming known as podfading, as podcasters become bored with the topics they have chosen they simply choose to quit their podcasts, sometimes leaving large audiences hanging for more. Even if the podcast niche you have chosen has the potential to make a large amount of money, if it is not a subject that you are passionate about, sooner or later it will become an unwanted chore to continue creating episodes.

Niche topics are great, but there are many podcasters who are simply too specific. When choosing a topic it is important to find a topic you are interested in, and that others may also be interested in. Perhaps, a podcast on cultivating African Violets may seem interesting to you, but doing a podcasting on raising and cultivating houseplants in general will garner you a larger and broader audience.

Even if you do really enjoy cultivating your extensive collection of African Violets, others may not share the same intensity of passion that you do. Creating a profitable podcast on such a topic could prove to be very difficult, if not impossible.

Stay slightly more open on your podcasting topic, keep your podcast closer to mainstream interests, but don't let it be run of the mill. Even though you have an avid interest in African Violets, doesn't mean that everyone else does. A great how-to podcast on houseplants would be more appealing to people, than a podcast on only African Violets, and would significantly broaden your potential podcast audience.

Many people begin their podcasts simply as hobbies, and often use them to connect with others who share similar interests. These people never seek to make profits off of their podcasting. If you do have the intent on one day profiting from your hard work creating your podcast, you should begin thinking about that idea from the very moment you begin podcasting.

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