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Paid Surveys at Home - How Do They Work? How Much Money Can You Make? How to Avoid a Scam


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If you've spent any time surfing the internet, I'm sure you've come across ads and banners claiming that you can earn a good deal of money working from home answering or completing surveys. And, I'm sure there's a healthy amount of skepticism on your part for good reason. There are a lot of scam companies out there, making it hard for people who want to do legitimate work at home to tell the good from the bad. This article will help you understand how the at home survey industry really works, as well as telling you how much money you can really make, and how you can avoid scam companies.

How The Legitimate Paid Survey Companies Work: I know you've seen the ads which indicate that large companies pay big money for your opinion. Believe it or not, this is sometimes partly true. If you've ever been strolling the mall and have seen the people with the clip boards who approach you and ask to complete a survey, you know that if you did, you were likely paid with either cash or a voucher / coupon from the company whose survey or focus group you completed.

Most at home surveys work the same way except you're at home rather than the mall. Making decent money though requires discipline and time management on your part, as you'll need to complete more than a few surveys to be paid enough to make the kind of money you're probably looking for.

But, first you need to find reputable companies who've been in business for a long time, with an established track record, which leads me to:

How Scam Companies Work: What To Look Out For (And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself): You probably already know this, but I'm going to say it anyway. The bad guys (scam companies) really just want your personal information. They'll ask you to fill out a survey and although they may or may not pay you, they are really looking for information. They'll sell your email and / or residential address to some one else and you'll get a flood of junk mail and spam emails.

How do you protect yourself against this? Do your homework. Seek out companies who are leaders that have been in business for a very long time with access to larger, fortune 500 companies. Many of the legitimate companies post their status with the better business bureau and some even have user forums that allow you to interact with other users. (People don't hesitate to post when they've not been paid or paid on time. This is a tip off. )

Another excellent way to protect yourself is to get an email address and post office box specifically for your “paid surveys at home" efforts. You can usually get an email for free and the PO box should be relatively inexpensive. This quick and cheap efforts will free you from having to sift through junk mail and emails.

How Much Money You Can Make By Doing Surveys At Home: How much money you earn is going to depend on how much time you put into working and how you good you are at finding high paying surveys. The problem many folks run into is that the surveys sites will often limit how many surveys you can complete in one day. Look for companies that offer multiple opportunities daily. It's always a good idea to find a few companies to maximize your money making potential.

Speaking of your money making potential, you'll also need to be disciplined and use tools that maximize your time. There is software widely available that helps you fill out repetitive forms quickly so you aren't having to retype the same things over and over.

Most beginners aren't going to get rich filling out surveys at home, but with diligence and legitimately putting in the time and honest efforts, it's possible to earn anywhere from $500 - $1200 per month just starting out. Once you come up with a working system and learn how to tweak the process so that you can maximize the maximum surveys you can complete in the least amount of time, this should go up. This is really just a matter of experience and practice. You'll get faster as you go along.

I'm a stay / work at home mom who earns money at home online. Over time, I learned tips and tricks that makes this process more lucrative. I've compiled an exhaustive list of what I consider the best work from home companies on my blog. You can check it out at


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