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Get Paid For Taking Online Surveys Learn How I Make 400 Dollars a Month Using Online Surveys!


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I had been Making an easy $400 a month from online surveys when I first started with my online marketing efforts. I soon learnt that I couldn't start an online business without seed money . i. e. money to pay the bills for hosting and domain and an autoresponder.

I didnt have that much extra money to pay for this and that's when I started to go on with these surveys. I mean I knew that there were people making money with surveys but I had not done it before and with the amount of choice available, I was just unable to choose. What if it was really a scam? I was afraid I might lose my money and to tell you the truth I couldn't afford to do that.

To tell you the truth, I still had my fair share of scams and was scammed even when I joined a free survey. I didnt have to pay to get into that, but it left me frustrated because they didnt pay me for the surveys I had filled in. I had spent a lot of time taking these surveys and I found out later that they were not going to pay but just entered my name into a lottery of theirs, where maybe I would earn a few bucks and most probably I would get none, which is the case. I didnt get anything for it. After spending so much time filling up those free surveys I got nothing.

That's when I learnt about paid surveys where I would surely be getting paid. I wanted things to be fair. I wanted to get paid every time I took a survey and these paid surveys helped me do that. I am not saying that all paid surveys are good and will pay you, but most of them are good. At least most of the ones I joined were good and I was able to make my seed money of 400 dollars a month. I did have to fill a lot of surveys, but then I was able to get paid for it. I knew that I would be paid for the efforts that I had put in and this put my mind to ease.

The site that got me started was Paid Surveys etc and I was able to do about 3 to 4 surveys everyday. Yeah, I know its not a lot of surveys but I really had little time and energy left after I was back from my day job. If you are able to fill out more surveys you could get paid even more. But the thing is to start and to be consistent . It wont help if you do 5 surveys one day and then stop doing them for a few days, you will be losing out because you need to fill up more surveys to get more cash.

I would end this by just giving a piece of advice. If you want to make some cash using online surveys then start off now and be consistent.

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Make Money Online Taking Free Paid Surveys At Home
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