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GPT Sites - Referrals Are The Key

Steve Phipps

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In case you have not heard of these sites, GPT sites (stands for “get paid to") are sites where you can sign up for free and get paid to perform a variety of different things depending on site. Some of them have surveys you can do while others compensate members for viewing ads or trying products and services of various companies.

Regardless of the type of GPT sites you decide to use the key to increasing you monthly earnings is by recruiting referrals. All of these sites provide additional money to their members for helping to bring in new members. Each member of GPT sites is provided a unique tracking code they can use to bring in new members and allows the site to track those referrals and compensate the appropriate members.

Being able to learn how to effectively recruit referrals can mean the difference between earning $20-$50 a month on your own or making hundred and in some cases thousands of dollars a month.

I have been involved with these types of sites for several years now and I have a few that I am able to earn somewhere in the $400-$600 a month range because I have developed a method that sends dozens of interested people to those site everyday and many of them sign up and participate.

The great thing is there are so many free methods you can use to tell people about your favorite sites and give yourself a chance to get more referrals and earn more money. The biggest key is learning how to use free site and blogs but you have to also understand how the search engines work. This will enable you to properly build your free websites and blogs in a way that they get listed very high in search engine listings where people can find them.

It does not require any special skills or knowledge to learn these techniques. All you have to do is have the patience to put the right things in place as you are making your sites and putting your referral codes on them and you can begin building a base of referrals working on your favorite GPT sites and earning you some very good extra money.

Once you figure out the right things to do you will find yourself spending less time actually working on the sites and more time recruiting people. This is the key to making more and more money on these free site and anyone that wants to try can do it absolutely free.

If you would like to get more information about learning how to recruit GPT sites referrals you can visit my website about the subject at:

How To Get GPT Referrals


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How To Get Referrals In The Sales Process
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