Adsense Blog Empire: How Big Does It Need To Be To Make A Million Dollars


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Apparently many leading Adsense earners own several blogs and it is only through this blog empire that they are able to sustain high Adsense earnings.

So how big does a Adsense blog empire need to be to generate a million dollars a year? One famous blogger who revealed in a post that he was on track to making a million dollars a year from his average daily Adsense earnings had a network or empire of about 100 blogs.

This real-life Adsense blog empire example is a good yard stick to start with, however it is important to also realize that this blogger already had all the best positions in his blogs taken. So his Google Adsense ads were not placed particularly well on a vast majority of his blogs. Suggesting that if one had fewer blogs but was careful to place the ads in all the best positions, chances are extremely high that they would require a much smaller Adsense blog empire to achieve that magic figure of a million dollars in one year.

It is also important to note that there are certain topics and keywords that tend to generate much higher Adsense earnings than others. Medical science and electronics are often mentioned. Meaning that if one were to concentrate on the highest possible earners in terms of average rates paid by click chances are high that to be able to make a million dollars annually a much smaller Adsense blog empire would be needed.

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