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Bloggers that are blogging at blog sites generate revenue when someone else clicks on the ads that are displayed in their blog. Google is the one who puts image ads on their blogs at many, many websites. This entry will take a closer look at some of the image ads that are displayed on these websites with special focus on writingup member's blog entries.

Read a couple of blog entries from a writingup group, a popular post, or from a popular author elsewhere on the internet and you'll soon discover that if they have excellent content about something other than blogging, the chances of superior image ads appearing in their blog entry are greatly increased. These image ads that appear from time to time are getting better and better as time passes.

This is important to you and other writingup bloggers because this directly influences your adsense earnings. Realize that there are image ads within Google's Adsense arsenal that are absolutely amazing. So amazing that the clickthrough rates are through the roof for some of these image ads. Also realize that some image ads that are top performers are only displayed on certain websites.

A website will reflect the caliber of ads that are displayed on it's pages. The better the website, the better the ads. An example would be the New York Times online job listings compared to someone blogging about jobs in New York. An ad that is displayed on the New York times website will generally be much better. As time passes by, I see better ads on the internet and more importantly, on the blog entries at writingup which tells me writingup is getting better and better which will attract more publishers that equals better ads.

Finally, I would like to comment on a few other important topics concerning ads and writingup members.

Writingup.com has three different places where ads are placed. One place is directly after your blog title using the medium-rectangle format (I think). The second place is on the right-hand side of the page as a vertical skyscraper. The third is the banner ads displayed at the bottom of an entry before the comments.

My questions would be about the future of writingup ads and their placements. Is there any plans for changes to the ads displayed as a skyscraper? Are video ads a possibility here? Assuming that John (admin) has the ability to choose exactly what ads are shown here at Writingup, what can we as writingup members do to attract the best ads that are in our pot?

Austin Luna is the author of many published online articles concerning blogging, Google's Adsense and website development. For further content written by blogging, nukemdomis and Austin, follow any of the links below.

Thanks for reading.

A closer look at writingup image ads
Here is proof of how powerful Writingup.com is!!


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