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Making money with Google Adsense is easy and you don’t need to buy an ebook to get started, the only thing you need is a website and some search engine traffic. If you already have a website that recieves a decent amount of traffic then you should try Google Adsense and see how to the program works for you. If you don’t have any websites but you’re determined to make some easy money, then you need to get started right away.

You need to start with a few good Ideas for websites. Once you have a few Ideas you need to research your topics and see what sort of competition you will have. Go to google and type keywords in that you are considering and check the first website’s pagerank and then record the amount of other websites that result in your search. If you need help choosing keywords you may be interested in using the Keyword Evaluator, a free tool to find out how many people are searching keywords that you enter each month.

Once you know what you want to build your website about then you now need to decide on a domain. You want your domain to be short and easy to remember but you should also choose a domain that would be good for search engine optimization. Use no more then three words in your domain and keep in mind hyphens will not effect your domain in anyway. I use Namecheap to register my domains because It’s fast, easy and safe and OS Webhosting to host most of my websites because their support is amazing.

Now that you have a domain and hosting account for the website you need to decide on how much content the website will hold and wheather or not you need a content management system. For simple content websites I suggest using a free Installation of Wordpress and changing the theme to something more appropriate to your site’s topic, but its entirely up to you what you use.

Start adding content to your website. Use free website articles from Ezines such as Ezine Articles , write your own articles, review products that relate to your websites topic and even use other website’s articles and reviews If you have the permission to do so. Remember to edit the content a little so your website isn’t a complete compilation of other websites because your need to make your website as unique as possible. Insert keywords those keywords into your website’s content when possible and change paragraphs around If It works.

You’ve got a website with more then 10 pages of information, now what? Easy! You need to optimize your website for search engines and submit your website to as many search engines and website directories as you can. The more websites that Link to your website the better your website will rank in Google’s and other search engine results. Link Exchange with websites that relate to your websites topic and promote your site in any other way you can.

Monitor your website’s traffic statistics and implement those ads in places your visitors are going to see them quickly. Play with the color, size and position of your ads to see which works best for your website. You want your visitors to think that the links are apart of your website, recommended by your website and not advertising to be ignored.

I generally aim to earn at least $1.00 each day from my content websites before I begin making the next content website on my list. The more content websites you have the more money your going to make.

Written by Luke Crumpton, a young Australian Internet entrepreneur. To learn more about Luke you may visit his peronal blog For Google Adsense discussion visit Luke's Adsense Planet forums


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