Ultimate Wealth Package Review - Genuine Money Making Opportunity or Scam?


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"Are You Ready To Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Week. Working Less Than One Hour Per Day. "

Bold statements, so does the Ultimate Wealth Package deliver on its promises or is it another scam delivering nothing. I like many bought the Ultimate Wealth Package after reading the sales page and liking what I saw.

Firstly let me give you a very brief overview of the package.

The package is currently the largest package being offered from the money marketing stable including a massive 108 bonus items, the bonus items are not the usual rubbish you see in these type of offers, some of the bonus items that are given away are products that are being sold legitimately on their own for a higher price than the entire package. Currently if you buy the package, Mark the author is giving away a custom affiliate web site designed by one of his web designers and valued at $400 absolutely free, although I am led to believe that this is a limited offer and could well be withdrawn by the time you are reading this review. The book itself is the most comprehensive compilation of ways to make money on the internet that I have ever come across.

So does it deliver?

In all honesty I would have to say yes it does, with the techniques of earning money fully detailed in each area whether you choose a pay per click advertising strategy or you go down the eBay avenue you will make money using this guide. However, I realise first and foremost that the sales page is trying to sell you something and although I am earning substantial amounts each week using a technique from this book, it would be a blatant lie for me to say that I am doing this in less than an hour a day, I am spending more like 2-3 hours a day on the particular method that I am using, now in time as my skills and abilities increase this time may come down a little, but I don't think that it will go down to less than an hour a day.

In Conclusion I would say that the bold statement “Are You Ready To Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Week. Working Less Than One Hour Per Day" is partly true, although for me it is the right part of the statement that is correct, you can earn thousands of dollars a week, however you need to devote more than an hour a week to achieve this. I would also add that to achieve the results I have attained, there has been effort on my part to make it work, this is not a click a button and make some money solution, but then I never thought it was, it does require effort on the part of the purchaser and then the sky is the limit.


Tony Roberts is now a full time Affiliate Marketeer after giving up full time job as an IT Consultant , for more information, check out

"Ultimate Wealth Package - Genuine Money Making Opportunity or Scam?" .


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The Ultimate Wealth Package - Gem or Scam?
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