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Jan Verhoeff

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Google developed a prime product, Adsense. Marketing your website through key words, brand performance, and Adsense is an entirely new means of promoting your focus. As the rest of the world wonders what happened, those with an understanding of the particulars, in this case, KEYWORDS, trump the market.

Traffic to your site requires keyword rich content that will not only get the reader there, but keep them there, and bring them back, frequently. The trailer of this market is a resounding thud against equality, and packs a punch recognizable due to strategic style and market abundance. Where do you get your traffic?

What keyword wraps your business website in functional traffic building content? Recently, I started focusing my interests on keyword profiles and optimal qualifiers. This process moves my articles, my websites, and my work into the forefront of marketing, bringing more traffic to my site. By branding my site, and my work with keywords, the content become rich and recognizable by web crawlers bringing even more traffic.

The depth of focus brought to my sites at this point in time, means my plan is working. More clicks equals more bucks in my pocket.

So, what’s in it for you, my reader?

More clicks. By reading and understanding how to work the system to improve your visibility through marketing keywords and content rich information, your site gains traffic and you earn more money.


1. Have a website oriented to market your product with keyword rich content relating to your product and your market.

2. Promote your focus with keyword rich articles written specifically for your market niche.

3. Promote link back capabilities with the articles you write.

4. Develop traffic promotionals that bring back your client time and time again, encourage them to send friends to your site, and provide content interesting to new clients.

5. Be recognizable. Have brand recognition by narrowing your scope to a specific niche of the market.

Capitalize on the market available to your niche by using relative keywords focused specifically to your content and product. This brings readers who are interested in your product to your site, and helps narrow the lineup, while promoting your product to more of those who are interested in more information. A focused customer with a specific interest in your product and service is far more likely to hang around and purchase something off your site than one who accidentally came across your site while surfing the net looking for something unrelated.

Select your keywords with care, to bring in specific people to the site. This helps focus your readers, and your articles to better serve the common good of your web design. Broad scopes just don’t work. Get a niche and stay in it.

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Marketing To Attract More Clients - How Brand Centric Is Your Marketing Plan?
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