My Adsense Click Revenue Shot Up 12 Times When I Used Free Legal Bulk Email Marketing


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I stumbled on this Adsense money-making tip almost by accident from a great affiliate program I joined that has the best online marketing training program I have ever come across.

One of the key aspects of the very effective online marketing program they were talking about at this affiliate program, was the use of safe lists to email ad messages out. Well, I decided I could do better and join safelists that allowed the posting of articles (and not just email ads). These are basically online ezines that publish content and distribute it to the list. By simply joining a few safe lists with a couple thousand of members, your promotional Adsense article will be reaching millions of email boxes, every time you send it out.

There is nothing online that is as effective as email. Even SPAM that gets through works. Why else would those SPAM pests keep on making everybody’s life so miserable at the risk of getting arrested? The big advantage here is that this bulk email marketing strategy of joining article announcement lists is perfectly legal and you will not be upsetting anybody. In fact in many cases some of the folk will be eagerly accessing and reading your articles.

There are of course other factors that come into play like the kind of headlines to use and the importance of ensuring that you target the right article announcement groups (more on that later). Still all the skills required can be learned. I learnt them myself by trial and error and constant testing.

Two days after spending a couple of hours setting up my safe list bulk email marketing program, I opened my Adsense account one morning and almost fell off the chair in excitement. My earnings had shot up almost 9 times above my previous average. But there was something else even more interesting, I was getting more clicks on my Adsense ads from fewer visitors. This is a puzzle that I am yet to solve because to date articles distributed through my safe lists do much better for me in terms of clicks than articles I post at high traffic sites. Still I do both activities regularly.

There was one more delightful aspect about this method of increasing Adsense clicks, that I noticed. After sending out about three or four articles via my safelists, I got so busy that I did not have the time to write good content to distribute via my safelists. So you would have expected my Adsense earnings to drop like a stone right back to where they were. Surprise, surprise, it did not happen. It stayed up there over one week after I had sent out my last article. That was when I was totally convinced that I had a winner in my hands.

But You must carefully target your market

You should have no illusions about safe lists. The cold facts are that a lot of the email goes unread. Most people who receive the articles will quickly scroll down looking for an interesting headline. Many others subscribe to the information at a desperate moment of need but then lose interest soon after and never actually open their messages from the list they’ve subscribed to.

The truth is that only a tiny fraction of people who receive the email will ever open your message. Even fewer will glimpse through it for a few seconds and fewer still will take the time to read it and understand the contents.

With these kind of odds your chances of being effective diminish dramatically if you don’t carefully target the right safe lists and groups to join. Always remember that relevance greatly increases your chances of being read. It is the same principle which has made PPC ads so effective.

Still article groups and safe lists are extremely effective, and here’s why.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online writer and entrepreneur. Read the rest of this article and other valuable Adsense money-making tips in his free ezine. Subscribe now by sending a blank email to or get more details about it at his Google Adsense Blog . He can be reached at strongwallafrica at


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