Those Wonderful Pop-ups - Why do they Work? Why should I care?

Anthony Schiffbauer

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Yes, when done right, they do work. You were probably the 3424224th visitor to some website, or maybe you won a 64" television, or maybe you could buy a web cam that spies on pretty women. Sure, we've all seen those pop-ups and more than likely we had closed them with out any consideration. Didn't we all close them? Not everyone does. Those little pop-ups can actually grab inquiries for you. But I'm not saying to have big and flashy pop-up windows, I'm just suggesting that if don't right you can tickle a visitor's interest

You could make a small, unobtrusive popup that simply asks for your name and email and in return you can send them a free report, cheap camera, or even another e-book. Free is free! I'm all for free! I actually found out about a marketing company that purchased cheap imported digital cameras from Taiwan in bulk amounts. These little gems were purchased for 10 cents on the dollar.

The marketing campaign was simple: Give me some information and I'll give you digital camera. It was all in the name of getting email prospects. How did the company make money on this deal? Well the fact was that you had to pay to have the camera shipped to you, which was about twelve dollars. Heck, the cameras probably cost the marketing company five dollars a piece. But did they really need to purchase many cameras? Well, let's take a look at their process: Enter the POPUP - YOU"VE WON A FREE DIGITAL CAMERA! Click here to continue.


Enter the request of information screen: “Simply give us your name, email address and your hobbies before we take you to the next step of getting your FREE digital camera then click the submit button"


Thank you for your information (WOW! They got a lot of information from me…plus this step has a privacy policy that let's the marketing company use my email address to send out any future “offers")

You only have to pay $12 dollars for shipping and handling to receive your free camera. Please enter your payment informa….


Heck, I wasn't going to give them any money for a free camera. But wait, I gave them my information. I got nothing, but they sure got some useful targeted demographics. This seems deceptive, but it is a powerful approach. Yes, the cost of the camera was nothing, but the cost of shipping was something. This marketing company probably now has 100,000 new email leads and a bunch of cheap digital cameras in their possession…all of this stemming from a silly popup.

We can learn from this…the right words are powerful. If you have things that can cost you nothing but gain you powerful email leads, by all means, use them. But you MUST be careful. If you use a three-step process like the camera scenario, you must be forward in your privacy policy and why you are collecting data about your inquiries.

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