Crafting Content to Attract AdWords Marketing Ads


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Google has a two part advertising program that benefits advertisers and website owners. AdWords marketing is a Google cost-per-click advertising program that website owners can use to promote their internet business through the search engines. The advertisements placed through the AdWords marketing program are displayed as sponsored links in Google's search results and on websites belonging to website owners who participate in the Google AdSense program, Google's second advertising program.

The concept of AdWords marketing and AdSense is a revolutionary idea because advertisers in the AdWords marketing program benefit not only from listings in relevant search engine searches, but also from having their Google Ads placed on websites that contain related content. Website owners are thrilled to place the AdWords marketing ads on their websites because the ads are non- intrusive, they provide relevant information for their website visitors, and they generate revenue because the website owner makes money every time a website visitor clicks through to a website. The two advertising programs are very beneficial because they provide advertisers in the AdWords marketing program with maximum exposure and provide website owners great revenue potential with participation in the AdSense program.

The key to making money with the AdSense program is to display AdWords marketing advertisements on your website that are actually of interest to your website visitors so that they will click on the advertisements and visit the advertisers’ websites. It is also important to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website in order to make money from the AdWords marketing ads. Your website content is the major factor in accomplishing both of these feats, so the purpose of the content must be considered during the copywriting process.

Your entire website, as well as each individual page in the website needs to have content that is relative to the keyword search terms you are targeting for the purpose of earning money by displaying AdWords marketing ads on your website. Good keyword copywriting techniques will produce high quality, relative content which draw in relative AdWords marketing ads that your website visitors will actually be interested in clicking on. The more content pages you have, the more advertisements you can display and the more money you will make from using the AdSense program to display AdWords marketing ads.

The second side of the coin for making money through displaying AdWords marketing ads on your website is to drive loads of qualified traffic to your website. The website traffic is necessary to produce revenue from click-throughs for the AdWords marketing advertisements. Your website content and its relevancy to keywords used in the search engines to find the information you are displaying plays a large role in driving traffic to your website. Keyword rich content combined with link popularity and link relevancy can help you to achieve desirable search engine rankings for your website. You can also use pay-per-click advertising programs, including AdWords marketing, and place your own paid advertisements in the search engines to attract targeted website traffic to your website.

By conducting keyword research you can identify the highest paying keywords for the AdWords marketing program. The higher paying the keyword is, the more money you will make for a click- through on the advertisement. When selecting the highest paying keywords for your content, be sure that you don't lose sight of the purpose of relevancy by using unrelated keywords just because they pay a higher click-through price. To find out which keywords are the highest paying, you can use tools provided by Google for participants in the AdWords marketing program, or you can use WordTracker to do your keyword research if you are not an AdWords marketing user.

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The Key To Creating AdWords Ads That Work
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