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Beating Adwords Three Fatal Mistakes to Avoid


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It's not a secret that per-click advertising i. e. Google AdWords is the fastest form of advertising on the net. It allows you the ability to send tons of traffic to your websites within minutes. . . literally! However, there is a horrible misconception due to the simplicity of this method of advertising. Google AdWords can literally be a financial death trap if you attempt to dive into it head first without learning how things work. You need to learn the “tricks of the trade" in order to ever have any hopes of beating AdWords. To give you a head start, the following are the three basic mistakes that should be avoided when running a start up Google AdWords campaign.

    1. Bidding on untargeted keywords. Determining which keywords are actually profitable is the most crucial element in running a successful pay-per-click campaign. Bidding on keywords that are not relevant to what you are actually advertising can drive your pay-per-click costs through the roof! The road to actually beating AdWords at its own game starts with developing the ability to determine which keywords are profitable verses the untargeted words that are costing you money.

    2. Using irrelevant ads. Most marketers make the mistake of writing ads that only describing how they have the “perfect" product or how they are offering a “great" service. . . While it may be true that you have an amazing product or service, the real question of the day is. . . Who cares? When a potential customer is searching for something online, they could not care less how great your product or service is if you do not explain how they could benefit from it! People want to know how your product or service can help solve their problems! So keep this in mind when you are writing your ads. This will help increase your click through rate “CTR". Increasing your “click through rate" is essential if you are serious about beating AdWords.

    3. Turn off the content network! This is especially necessary if you are new to AdWords. The content network allows your ads to be shown on websites that are set up with Google Adsense. If your ads are not carefully “site targeted" your ads will show up on poor, untargeted sites that would allow hundreds or even thousands of people to click on them out of pure curiosity that have no interest in what you are actually selling! This can cost you a fortune! So, in actuality you would actually “taking a beating" rather than actually beating AdWords. While it is very possible to make a profit with the content network, it requires a lot of research and planning. Therefore, I would strongly recommend that you turn it “off" until you gain more experience with AdWords.

Google AdWords can be a great way to jumpstart a successful internet business. . . but “ignorance" comes with a price. If you do not take the time to actually learn the system, you are destined for failure. By developing the skill of locating profitable keywords, creating relevant ads and turning off the content network (until you are more experienced) you will be well on your way to becoming a successful internet marketer and beating AdWords at its on game.

Gregory Shyne is a successful internet marketer who has been marketing online for over five years. If you would like more information and tips on Beating Adwords visit his blog at:


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Beating AdWords Review - Make Money With Google AdWords the Smart Way
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