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Make Money With The Cumulative Effect

Glen P Jon

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Put an ad in the news paper for one week and it's very likely you may not get any response. Put the same ad in for two weeks and you may get one response. The third week of the same ad should render more than one response. I found that responses start to trickle in (if you will) around the third week. This phenomenon has intrigued me ever since I discovered it 20 years ago. To this day, the same thing accrues. I now do this with hot paid per click ads. The first week I may not get a response until the seventh or eight day. A response to me in PPC is a sale. A response in direct mail means an inquiry about the ad. Then I would stuff an envelope with a sales letter and mail it out. In the old days, that worked. Now the cumulative effect still works because it's part of the laws of physics.

A person does a search for something. They see an interesting ad. They read it and want to buy. For some reason or another they can not purchase immediately. They come back another day probably when they get paid. The idea is to have your ads always viewable so that it sinks into the mind of prospects. Repetition is a good thing in advertising. We're talking about hypnotism. Hypnotism is synonymous with the cumulative effect.

Electronically speaking, every viewing of your ad is like a magnetic impulse. It's just like when you magnetize a piece of metal. You may or may not have seen the elementary school science experiment. Take a piece of iron or any electrical conductor. Rap wire around the piece of iron and run electricity through the wire. The electrons in the iron will point to the electricity and make the iron a magnet. Eventually the electrons will point in the direction of the wire even when the electricity is turned off. With the electricity turned off the iron will eventually be magnetized via repetition. A repeated impulse in the same direction evidently creates a magnetic inertia. This is an explanation of what happens to the human mind when an ad is constantly seen. Your advertisements must be hot (philosophically electrifying to say the least) and repetitive for the cumulative effect to take place. Then the prospect will eventually acknowledge your ad and purchase.

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