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How To Start Your First AdWords Campaign Without Spending A Fortune


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Many people are afraid to use begin using AdWords. They've heard of the stories where someone starts out and gets billed for thousands of dollars. Although this has happened, it is not a frequent occurrence and it is something that is easily prevented by entering a low maximum cost per day.

Start out by getting an AdWords account at AdWords dot Google dot com. After opening your account, use their free keyword research tool to find attractive keywords. I find it easiest to use their site based keyword generation tool. This option allows you to enter the URL of your website and Google will choose the most relevant keywords based on your site's content.

After getting your list of keywords, enter a low dollar amount and your keyword list will be re-populated with the cost per click for each keyword. This allows you to calculate what your total costs would be. If this is your first campaign, look for keywords that:

1. Are within your budget and make sense financially.

If you are using Adwords to develop your mailing list, pay careful attention to the math. If your squeeze page is converting sign-ups at the rate of 30% and you send 100 people there, you can expect to add 30 people to your list. If you are paying ten cents per click, then your cost per subscriber is thirty-three cents. If you can buy subscribers from another source for twenty-five cents each, it would not make sense to use Adwords for this campaign. Always keep an eye on your numbers.

2. Have the lowest possible “Advertiser Competition" rating.

Higher competition means higher cost.

3. Have a “Low" to “Average Search Volume" rating.

I usually recommend that people start out by looking for “Low Search Volume" keywords, particularly if this is your first campaign. Although you will not get a ton of clicks using this technique, it is a good way to get your feet wet and get some hands on experience as to how the program works. As you get more comfortable, you can add keywords with higher search volume.

The most important factor when starting your first Adwords campaign is this: Always set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay that is within your budget! Do not assume that because you have chosen low volume keywords, you will automatically get few clicks. So let me repeat - Always set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay that is within your budget! By starting your Adwords campaign using this information, you can learn the process slowly, thoroughly, and inexpensively.

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