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Making Your Ads Work - Part 1


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People do not visit your Website or Blog to see ADS, they are usually looking for information-good content. Ads pasted everywhere-the bright, eye-popping, “leap out at you" do little more than bother people-people work hard to ignore them!!!

Ads that are tucked away in the corners or bottom, make it that much easier to be ignored. Today's Web Surfers are Blind to Banners, do not like POP-UPS, and usually are weary of Giveaways. So-How do you place Ads on your Site without driving your Traffic away, and possibly helping them to Click on the AD?

These are no doubt-the most seen Ads on the Internet today. You will find them in many sizes, Pasted everywhere on the Site, with single or multiple ads. The most Common is the Leaderboard, an Ad that runs across most of the Screen and usually located at the TOP-this is a great place, the first thing the reader sees!!. Now-you can place this anywhere you want to, however I would not suggest the Bottom of the page. So many will put the Ad at the bottom because it is “out of the way". Truth is-Most of your viewers will never get that far!! I believe you will find that Leaderboards are most effective, at the top of the page, under the NAV bar.

Banners come in many different sizes, some may fit well with your Site, Some may not. The placement of Banners is a vital part of your advertising-so many will just"pop it in" where it will Fit and “let it roll". The size of the Banner also has alot to do with the effect it will have. Want to put an Ad in the middle of the page? Use a Half-Banner (usually 234 x 60), for ads placed between Blog entries and at the end of articles

Buttons and Rectangular ads can be used just about anywhere on the page. Probably, the most common spot for a rectangular ad is at the beginning of your articles. Wrap your text around the ad, this way the reader is somewhat looking at the ad as he is reading the articles.

Skyscrapers are very common forms of Advertising that are also very productive. These ads usually come in three sizes (120 x 600, 160 x 600, and 120 x 240). Not only do they give you another advertising option, they fill up the sides of your page, adding content where you might have been a little lacking before. Just make sure that ANY ads you put on your page BLEND in with the content.

As it is my opinion that Text Ads offer so much advantages to you, -being able to Blend In with your site among other things. A image ad does not allow you the same freedom-there only thing you can change is it's size. Properly formatted text ads do not look like a bunch of thrown in “clutter"-my experience with Sites with numerous image ads do. That being said-I think you are better off to use your space on your Site with Text ads-I believe text ads to be more productive.

I hope this has been helpful to you. There is so much information on advertising, marketing and promotion. For more opinions and views on Internet Marketing, subscribe to my newsletter and visit Tennreb's Marketing Thought's

Author has spent several years developing and promoting Websites and Blogs. Shares Information related to Site promotion. His interest's include writing about his views and opinions on Internet Marketing Practices and Products. Visit his Website for further Information And to Subcribe to his Newletter.


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