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Google Money Pro Review


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My Google Money Pro review is going to end with a thumbs up. I am also going to suggest that if you buy the product, you offset the cost of Google Money Pro by reviewing it yourself and getting paid to do so.

If you advertise using Google AdWords you'll have figured out for yourself that pay per click marketing is not for the easily intimidated. Google does its best to deter all but the most knowledgeable advertisers. Those $5 and $10 minimum bids that are blocking you are Google's way of saying “You don't know enough about the game of pay per click advertising for us to bother working with you. Come back when you've figured it out. "

So what can you do to get back into Google's good graces?

Read Google Money Pro for starters. Unlike a lot of the other Adwords guides out there, this one is actually written by someone who knows the game inside out. Steven Holdaway is a Google Qualified Advertising Professional. What this means is that he is one of the few serious AdWords users to have been certified by Google as an expert in the art of Google AdWords advertising. To even qualify for the testing requires that you spent thousands of dollars per week in AdWords fees.

Holdaway earns around $160,000 per month from his AdWords campaigns, while spending less than a quarter of this amount on his AdWords fees. All the knowledge he has gained from more than seven years of dealing with Google on a daily basis has ended up in his book Google Money Pro. Better yet, he does all this simply by creating campaigns that help sell the products of other vendors. His Google AdWords expertise takes him beyond the realm of the regular super affiliates, and makes him exactly the kind of person you want to learn from.

Fortunately his Google Money Pro product turns out to be an easy to follow, step by step, illustrated guide. If you intend to make a go of pay per click marketing, then Holdaway's instruction will put you on a solid foundation for profitability.

If you want to know what makes him really successful, and this is something explained in detail in Google Money Pro itself, it is that Holdaway has figured out how to set up his campaigns in the way that Google wants them to be set up. He knows how to query the AdWords machine to get advice on all the keywords that he ought to be using. Rather than hitting his head against the wall, and coming up with his own keywords - which is the kind of thing that can lead to those $5 and $10 minimum bid prices - Google tells him what kind of keywords he needs to use to run profitable campaigns.

Holdaway has also mastered the art of manipulating his AdWords Quality Score to bring his bid prices way down. In the book he shows you what he does to maintain an average bid price of just 8 cents across all campaigns.

So, that's Google Money Pro in a nutshell. The book is 150 pages of just the kind of material you want from someone who has tamed Google AdWords and understands how to pass that knowledge on to you. If you are at all serious about dominating Google AdWords, this is one very good title to have on your shelf.

If you decide to buy a copy of Google Money Pro, instead of thanking me for pointing you in the direction of a great resource, why not write your own review of the book when you're done? I'll even pay you up to $30 for your review (click on the link for details) and then make it available to others so they can benefit from your experience

Stephen Carter is the creator of a recognized review application


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