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One of the essential management aspects of doing a business is monitoring how your products conduct in the market. For online businesses employing pay per click marketing, monitoring is mainly about tracking the performance of the chosen keyword or keywords in search results. This is basically done by keeping track of the bids made for the chosen keyword or the bid gaps in comparison to competitors’ bid. Knowing how well or not your keyword is performing is vital in securing higher chances of garnering clicks, visits, and potential sales. Keyword performance is primarily hinged on the the bid made for it. If a competitor or two has outbid your keyword value, you should not take that in sitting or else your product is more likely to be left behind.

While bid monitoring can be done by an online business owner himself, there are available management tools that can be utilized for greater monitoring efficiency. These tools work with very minor supervision yet perform with reliable results. A lot of online businesses are actually using these tools to save time and focus on other management aspects of a PPC marketing campaign.

One example of a keyword bid management tool is PPC Pro 2002. This monitoring tool is an easily downloadable software. Using PPC Pro 2002 enables an online business owner to run the software manually or automatically to close gaps on bids, specify dates or frequency of changes in bids. It allows full control and monitoring without the burden of personally keeping track the latest bid rates. If, for example, you choose to bid on 60 keywords but do not want to make the highest bid for all of them, PPC Pro 2002 can very well handle the task for you. You apply the specifications (e. g. 20 keywords at 1$ each, another 20 at $2 each , and the last 20 at $3 each) and just let the tool do the consistent application of such specifications. Also, if what you are after is the rank and not your limit on the biding price, PPC Pro 2002 can do just that. If you wish for your keywords to just appear as rank number two or three, you need not personally check the changes in bids made by your competitors. PPC Pro 2002 can be programmed in such a way that it will sustain the ranking of your keywords in your intended position. It automatically adjusts your keyword's performance relative to the changes in your competitor's keyword's ranking.

Keyword bidders on Google AdWords may find PPC Pro 2002 incompatible to their monitoring needs. This is really not necessarily true. In using Google Adwords, the position of keywords is determined by the equation Max CPC x CTR or the Click-through-Rate. This equation is different from the formula being used by other PPC search engines like FindWhat or Overture. In others, the position of a keyword is solely dependent on the highness or lowness of your bid rate relative to other bidders. But in using Google AdWord, this usual formula is altered by the CTR component of the formula. PPC Pro 2002 can go as far as controlling the formula's Max CPC element. PPC Pro 2002 cannot intervene with the CTR aspect for that is your alone to determine. What it can do is to utilize algorithms, in the way Google AdWords work, to give you an idea how much more or less Max CPC you have to have to get your desired ranking.

Also, the PPC Pro 2002 tool has a Return on Investment (ROI) tracking feature. This feature permits you to identify which among your keywords in what search engine have exactly resulted to sales, information request, or regular mailing request. This feature, of course, will enable you then to focus on the keywords that seem more useful for you and work more on those that are lagging behind. This feature is capable of doing automatic calculation of your inputs’ effect and relevance to the output and how to ensure that you get your desired results. This feature can work not only for PPC campaigns but for electronic mail marketing and banner advertisement campaigns as well.

Other winning components present in PPC Pro 2002 are its ‘competition buster’ tool, bid gaps closing tool, bid updates scheduler, keyword research tool, security features, and autopilot feature. For trials and pricing rates, you may visit and see for yourself the other wonders of this keyword management tool.

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