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Create Your First Website By 3.45 Today


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More than ever having a website whether for business or for personal use, gets you instant exposure, to display products or a message to a selected group of people. Only a few years ago if you wanted to launch a web site you had to employ someone with great technical experience, this has all changed and today all you need is a web editor and a simple FTP programme to put it all together.

The great benefit to building your own website is that you will be learning some valuable computer skills. What you learn can be the beginning of a great hobby, which could develop into a full time online business.

A website is a vital tool necessary to doing business in the modern economy. By having a well-maintained, attractive website, you can offer customers instant access and advice for all your products and services. This can also be used to set up an online community that revolves around your business, giving customers a greater sense of contact and thus, more loyalty and greater satisfaction.

For personal use, a website can help you keep your friends and family posted on the things that are important to you and them.

Building your own website has never been easier. Today’s modern web editing programs are very easy to understand and use and often come with tutorial programs that will help you to get started.

You can find free templates on line which you can use to create your own site.

If you’ve been asking the question, “Can I build my own Web site?” The answer is a definite yes. The internet is still very young and so it is not too late to learn this skill.

Your own website can be a reality in a very short space of time.

Building your own site, whether it’s for business or for your own personal enjoyment can be a fun and challenging experience with great rewards.

YES! You Too Can Create Your First Website by 3.45 today.

It is pointless to spend hours of your time generating traffic to your website and the traffic is not converting or not knowing were the traffic is coming from.

Discovering which particular traffic sources are working for us (and which are not). Is something that should be seriously investigated.

It is AMAZING how many people do NOT know were there traffic is coming from.

It is completely pointless working on generating traffic - if we don’t monitor and track the individual traffic sources. It’s also important that you understand how to do this – before we start generating traffic.

But as you are about to discover – not only is collecting this information interesting – but also a lot of fun. Oh – and free!

Google Analytics – FREE service

Analytics will tell you heaps about your website. It will tell you were your subscriber is, what they are viewing on your website, how long they stay on your site, what keywords they use to find you and the double bonus which traffic source they are using to find your page.

So if you are spending let us say an hour a day on a certain method and not getting results, then you do not have to do that anymore and spend your valuable time elsewhere.

If you are going to work hard to get traffic we want to make sure which traffic source is working and which is not.

Hope that helps


David Schneiderman is a professional marketer and he is passionate for weight loss, ebooks, creating web business and other topic.

You can visit his website at and get helpful ebooks at


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