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High Value Sales - Building A List For High Value Sales I

Sean Mize

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The next thing that you'll want to do is you'll want to build a list. Normally I go through kind of a lengthy explanation right here of why you should build a list, but I think that everything we've talked about so far today, especially the explanation that we talked about on how a subscriber is just so much more valuable than a visitor simply because they have the opportunity to get to know you, I don't think I need to do anything long and drawn out.

Am I right on making that assumption, folks?

Caller: Yes.

Sean: Ok, so we're just going to make the assumption that you need to build a list. The key with building a list - again, folks, if you're looking at a $50 product, you can slap that $50 product up on ClickBank and just have people send traffic to it. You can slap that $50 product up on pay per click and have people send traffic to it, and you can convert a $50 product based on hype.

This conversation is about high-ticket products. You can cannot convert high-ticket products based on hype. The only way that you can convert a high-ticket product is based on trust, and trust is a combination of two or three different things.

Psychologically we could go into like 10 things, but let's just break it down into just some real raw basics.

I'm going to ask you, what do you folks thing trust is based on? What do people factor in when they look at trust?

Caller: I think a track record.

Sean: Ok, a track record. What else?

Caller: Other people's recommendations.

Sean: Recommendations, ok, what else? What do you think?

Caller: There's a lot to be said within the heading of a track record. There's exposure to multiple things that a person has done or provided, written, or whatever it is, so a track record is an all-encompassing thing. I think that's a big thing.

Sean: Yeah, I would agree with you. Go ahead, I think you had another thought I was cutting off there, go ahead.

Caller: No, I was just getting long winded about the same thing. A track record is a performance over time. That's the main thing.

Sean: Ok, Gail, what do you think?

Caller: Oh, absolutely, a track record over time. If somebody follows through and does what they say to do versus if they don't follow through or if it doesn't really help.

Sean: Ok, any other suggestions? Jim, what do you think? What's a component of trust?

Is Jim on the phone still? Shannon, what do you think is a component of trust?

Caller: I would say moving the free line.

Sean: Ok, so we've got track record, recommendations, multiple exposures, and follow through. That's kind of how I summarized them.

With the track record, somebody can look at you and say, “Ok, you've done this. You've personally done this. Perhaps you can show me how to do it. "

For example, your grandmother cooks just an awesome cherry pie, and then some stranger cooks a cherry pie and you don't know if it's an awesome cherry pie. Who would you go to for advice on cooking a cherry pie?

You'd go to your grandmother. So that right there is just huge, the track record, and I think that multiple exposures is the same idea as track record except multiple exposures gives somebody the chance to see the track record repeatedly

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