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How To Increase Leads Into Your Sales, Build Your List And Get More Sales


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This is going to be one of the most important articles you'll ever read about copy-writing because I am going to share with you how to create a squeeze page that'll increase leads into your sales funnel. So pay attention, create concrete action steps you can implement in your business, and let's get started.

What Exactly Is A Squeeze Page?

First of all, I want to be clear that the squeeze page is called many different things online. Some call it “flycatcher" page, name squeeze page and opt-in page. I wanted to mention this in case you run into this terms on internet marketing forums, ebooks and courses.

A squeeze page is a page you want to drive visitors to when they come to your site so you can collect their name and email address. You will then follow up with each person that opts in via a well-crafted auto-responder sequence (more on that later) that sells the prospect on your product.

Most beginners who just started out will drive traffic straight to their sales page. They'll say, “Well, if I drive my traffic to a squeeze page and I only have 20 percent to opt-in, that means 80 percent of my traffic will never see my sales page! Why should I put a squeeze page in front of a sales letter when I can had everyone see my sales page?" That's a beginner or amateur thinking. Pure and simple. You see, there's an old axiom in business that says, “The amateur focuses on the first sale. " This saying applies mostly to marketers who take time and hard work to sell back-end products. It also goes same to those who ignore building a list of qualified customers in favor of getting a quick sale.

Here's why, a customer has to be exposed to a marketing piece seven times before they finally take action. So what happens when you send traffic straight to a sales page that converts at two percent? Out of 100 people two will buy, but the rest of 98 will leave your website and NEVER return. You see, the beginner or amateur marketer will get excited over the two people who brought their product. But the master and professional marketer will be kick themselves in the rear because they didn't get the information of the 98 people who left the site. Those are customers they could have followed up with and pitched extra products to. But since the squeeze page is not effective, those people (and profits) are gone forever.

I hope you understand the important of having an effective squeeze page. And I hope you realize that the main purpose in business is to build a list of loyal customers you can sell to over and over again. Most of your money is going to earn on the follow-up, which is why it is crucial to create a squeeze page that pulls the most leads in as possible.

Understand? Good. Let's go into the proven layout of an effective squeeze page now.

The Proven Squeeze Page Outline

The basic squeeze page outline is as follow:

  1. Headline
  2. 5 to 6 Teaser Bullets
  3. Call To Action
  4. Opt-In Form
  5. An Ethical Bribe
Let's take a closer look at each of these elements.

Headline: Here is where you need to catch the browser's attention. Your prospect is going through a lot of things in their life and are flooded with advertising on a daily basis. You need to create a headline that can grabs their lapels and get them to read.

Writing a good headline is worthy of a whole article in itself. But since that's not the purpose of today's article, I highly recommend how to write a profit pulling head line from a good copy-writing book. Below are some recommend:

  • Scientific Advertising, By Claude Hopkins
  • Writing Web Copy That sells, By Maria Veloso
  • Tested Advertising Methods, By John Caples
  • How To Write A Good Advertisement, By Victor Schwab
  • Break through Advertising, By Eugene Shwarfz
The one thing you must do when writing your headline is come up with 20 version before you choose the one you want to use. You'll find that the last ones you write will be better then the first. And don't write crappy headlines just to get through the exercise. Each headline has to be good enough to put on your squeeze page. Once you choose the headline you want (you'll know it's the right one when you see it, I promise!) you can test the others.

Teaser Bullets: After you create your killer headline (you DID write down 20 headlines before you choose the right one, didn't you?) it's time to write five to six “teaser" bullets. Below is an example of a excellent teaser bullet:

"The one mistake most marketer make that kills their sales. . . . . . and how you use simple, easy adjustment that will increase the sale by 200% or more. "

This is called a “blind bullet" because it doesn't reveal the secrets. It builds “mental tension" in your prospect to the point that they have to opt-in to discover the answer.

A Call To Action: The most important part of your squeeze page is the call to action. This is where you tell your prospect what you want them to do (like enter their email and name for more information). Below is a call to action I put in my squeeze page:

Enter Your Name And Email Address In The Form Below And I'll Send You The [Product And Information]

It's simple as that you cannot assume your prospect will figure it out themselves and enter their name and primary email. You have to tell them.

The Opt-In Form: This is where you'll enter the code from your auto-responder. It is important to put a “call to action" in the submit button. Instead of having a button that says “submit" make a huge button that says, "Get your free video now!"

Another thing, make your opt-in form stand out so it cannot be missed. I usually put the call to action and opt-in form inside a large Johnson box with a large hash marks

The Ethical Bribe: Most squeeze page include an ethical bribe for giving your name and email address. These days, with people becoming wearier of revealing their email address, giving something away in exchange for a name and email is almost mandatory.

What can you give away that will make it worth it for your prospects to give you something else in return? For starters, you can give away a chapter of your ebook, or a sample audio from your home study course. That said, based on my test, giving away videos or membership is a great “bribe" you can offer for a name and email.

You see, giving away a video is unique and will have a better chance to get someone an opt-in. The best part is you don't need to have fancy equipment, just use Camtasia to create a video talking about the benefits of your product.

Using Your List

Before I close, I want to go over a couple things about auto-responder sequence. You'll want to have a series of at least seven auto-responder emails to send out at specified intervals. They should be sent one to three days apart starting from when the prospect opted into your list. If you are not sure what to write, I'll make it simple. The emails essentially consist of your sales letter split into seven parts. If you choose, you can create follow-up auto-responder emails once every week for a month.

You can than create an auto-responder sequence every month for an entire year. In general, if people are going to buy your product, they will do so in the first 30 days. There are exceptions however, which is why you should follow up for an entire year.

To get an ideal of what other marketers are doing regarding auto-responders, opt-in to their list of the following people:

  • Armand Morin
  • Tellman Knudson
  • Alex Mandossian
  • Rick Raddatz
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Harlen Kilstein
  • Matt Furey
  • John Alenis
I don't mean to leave out names but the above list will give you an excellent swipe file of auto-responder emails you can modify for your own sequences.

To be honest with you, there's no hard and fast rule regarding auto-responder email length and frequency, you'll have to test to see what works for you and your business. Once you write your auto-responders, the whole system is “set and forget" since your auto-responder will send out your emails at the appropriate sequence when each prospect opts-in.

Wrapping It All Up

This article covered the basic elements of the squeeze page. All the above has been tested extensively by me. If you implement the suggestion in this article, you'll have a lead-pulling squeeze page that'll elevate your success above the “amateur marketers" who are only focusing on selling product straight from their sales page.

Of course, all the above is predicated on your ability to keep in touch of your market's wants and needs. If you know your market well, it should be easy to create the above. However, if you're an “outsider" looking in, you'll need to research your market so you don't miss the boat with your squeeze page.

Believe it or not, just having a squeeze page boost the conversion rate on your sales letter. Why? Because when someone gives away their name and email to see your sales page, they place immediate value on your offer. This, in term, leads to higher conversion over sending traffic straight to the sales page.

I hope this article was beneficial to you. Even if you aren't going to write your own squeeze page and auto-responder sequence, you need to know the tips in this article so you know if your outsource to copywriters did their job correctly. So don't just sit there, take action right now and implement these tactics in your own squeeze page.

I'm glad to see that you are reading this right now. Not just because I know how powerful my content is, but it shows that you understand where you should be spending your time.

For more tips, information and secrets to making money online go to :

By applying what you read, you will find that living your dream isn't far off as you think.


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