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List Building-7 Strategic Surefire Steps To Convert Your Visitors to Subscribers Part 1


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Having brought all that traffic to your squeeze page, you now have to answer this very important question. What are you going to do with that traffic and How are you going to keep it? This is really a reminder that the job is far from finished yet. You still need to convert the visitor into a subscriber and then into a customer further down the line. Yep, it is not over yet.

Your website squeeze page must present the visitor with a compelling reason to enter their name and address now. Later is not good enough. The whole idea of the squeeze page is so that they can see very clearly and in a short space of time what you are offering. Later is therefore not an option. If there is no compelling reason to join your list then you cannot confidently say that your visitor will return. You must ensure that the traffic that arrives at your website squeeze page is fully maximised.

It goes without saying that not all people who visit your website/squeeze page will sign up no matter how compelling your opt in incentive is. It would be great if they did.

So what should I do to keep this traffic long enough to opt in to my list?

1) Use a catchy benefit driven headline and sub headline. They must be attention grabbing. Look for words that shout “notice me".

2) Make sure your squeeze page announces loudly “this is what is in it for you". The conversion to subscriber status then becomes easier and the visitor will be more inclined to follow your instructions and enter their name and address in your opt-in web form.

3) Your opt in incentive must be “a must have". Something of real value. It must be something that your target market really needs. Not some tired over marketed ebook that can be found on ebay for 99 cents. Go for something you would quite happily pay or charge money for. Something unique. People love exclusivity. Make them feel special.

4) An eye catching image. Remember you may not have a second opportunity to make a first impression, so display a picture of what you are offering. Works very well on eBay. Try it! Words alone will not do - no matter how emotionally laden they are.

5) If you have got audio and know how to use it then do so. Use every weapon in your armoury.

6) Tell your visitor what you want them to do. That is tell them to “enter your name and address here" and “click here for immediate access" or words to that effect. You do not want them to leave without entering their contact details.

Also we live in a “I want it now microwave world". Will it be ready in 3 seconds? People want immediate gratification. So tell them what they will get and when they will get it. Do not disappoint.

7) The issue of spam. You need to let them know you will not sell their details. People still want and appreciate some amount of privacy online. Signing up to your email list does not mean they should have their details spread across the internet. Think about all those email filters and spam blockers created to keep out unwanted emails. Your visitor is giving you permission to send emails of interest to them so reassure them that you will not abuse this privilege.

They must now verify their email address (if you are using the double opt in). This prevents you being accused of spamming and indicates some level of seriousness on the part of your visitor. You may at this stage lose some visitors who may not verify their addresses (it's been calculated at about 10%). However if they could not be bothered for whatever reason to confirm their email address, then they may not be that interested in what you have to offer. It may also be an indication that they are not the ones you want on your list anyway. Anyway, once they confirm their email address you now have the task of welcoming them as subscribers to your opt in list, providing them with a download link to your free offer and informing them of what to expect from you.

At this stage you must deliver exactly what you promised or you will lose credibility.

With the visitor now on your email list you must build a relationship with them over time. Each email you send must be crafted in such a manner that they look forward to your next email and actually take action after reading it. Remember your long term view is now to convert your subscriber into a repeat customer.

Having completed the process of converting one visitor into a subscriber you can repeat the process over and over again. All the time testing to make sure your lead capture machinery is converting a very high percentage of traffic to your site into subscribers.

Your relationship with your list is what helps convert subscribers into repeat customers. This is the next stage of the conversion process.

You have done well to get this far.

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Willi D is an expert author and marketer specializing in opt in list marketing and pre qualified traffic generation techniques.

You have permission to publish this article electronically, in print, in your ebook or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the author bylines are included. © Willi D 2007


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