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Co-Registration? What in the Who?

A big step in running a successful online business is the publication of an ezine. If your website does not receive much traffic yet you will need tips on how to properly and effectively want your website visitors to subscribe to your ezine.

How do you get these Lovely Interested People to Subscribe?

Well. . . There are many ways. Provide an Incentive (free ebook, or other promotional material), writing articles, swapping ads, ezine directories, message boards, email discussion forums, etc. and of course, Co-Registration. Well, many of you probably don't know what this is, but you have surely seen co-registration in action. What I mean by this is simple, everyone has been to a website, where, after they have signed up to receive their “special report" or “free month" of this or that, an option is given asking if you would also benefit from signing up for this, this and that. Most of the time by default they are already checked and it is you who must decide to “not" sign-up to these additional offers. You may find these very annoying or beneficial (depending on who you are) but it has become one of the very bases of online marketing and the very foundation we use for our ezine publications.

Co-Registration is adding your subscription form to the form of a fellow website owner in hopes of sharing subscribers. This Method is highly accepted and successful form of generating tons of quality subscribers. Even if your website is generation minimal traffic, this technique gives you the opportunity to quickly build your opt-in list and guarantees you are targeting the right market. It is almost 100% successful if targeted to the same market.

How do you start this Crazy Idea?

The first and most obvious way is to contact a website owner directly. Describe how a Co-Registration Deal could benefit both yourself and the visitors on their site. The second is less time consuming and involves using a Co-Registration Service. These are companies who are established for the sole purpose of pairing websites up with other relevant websites. Usually you might have to pay a small fee, between .25$ and 1$ per subscriber, for this co-registration service. In the end, it all becomes worth the cost once you develop a relationship with these prospects. This is considered a small fee to the lifetime value of these potential customers.

Developing a relationship with a potential customer is the most powerful thing you can do. It allows you to persuade your potential customers into purchasing your products or services. Once your credibility has been established, you are in a much better position to help your opt-in list make a buying decision. Get a feel for the amount of sales you will receive per every 100 email promotions you send out, meaning: If you make an average of 5 sales per 100 emails sent at a profit of 40$ each then each subscriber is worth 2$ (5 sales times 40$ profit divided by 100 customers = 2.00$) Be sure not to spent more than 2$ per new subscriber but come close to it since the lifetime value of these subscribers will be much more.

What To Make Sure Of During a Co-Registration Deal?

First of all, you should make sure your subscription is on a relevant page on their website and along side a relevant newsletter or ezine. If you're teamed with a similar website and offer many similar services, you can expect 75-85% of the other websites subscribers to subscribe to your offer. If you sell dental equipment and you team up with a video games website, don't hope for many subscribers, or quality subscribers at least.

I have taught you everything you need to know about co-registration services. Done Properly you can easily and effectively grow your opt-in list immensely and get your Internet business off the ground from virtually nothing with this simple technique overlooked by many. It is up to you now to put this information to work and let me know how it goes for you.

Corey Rametta is a successful online business that is dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs; starting out with an online business, survive in the online business rat race. Owner of Corey has helped many Internet business owners around the world. Any questions or comments about this article are welcome at

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