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Independent of the market you are serving - all state that ‘THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST’.

But when you are starting out new in Internet business, without a name, without any joint venture partners and with virtually no money to spend, how you can build a responsive list without it costing you a fortune?

By applying the best method available in the industry you can make money while building yourself a huge list of responsive prospects. The secret behind this is duplication; - if you help others make money you will yourself make money online. It is the perfect business model - I don't succeed until YOU make money. And you will succeed when you help others to make money.

To set this business model in motion will require that you present the prospect with a model that is possible to duplicate by your prospects. And the prospect must be able to teach their prospects how to duplicate the system and so on.

To make such a system possible you need a ‘funded proposal', i. e. a low cost opportunity and a lead generation opportunity that both creates recurring (residual) short term (weekly) income for the prospect, covering their cost, i. e. ‘entrance fee’ and advertising of the opportunity. This system allows your prospects to build their lists while they make money, by the users duplicating the systems you yourself use. In the system you also include a high ticket item that provide the long term recurring income when the prospects joint this opportunity. And your prospects shall be able to duplicate your system and learn their prospects to duplicate their system. Then you have a ‘funded proposal’ in action.

This is likely one of the most powerful methods to build a long term responsive email list.


Because you show the prospects that joins you how to build their own email list and at the same time they make money while doing it. Do you think this is powerful or not? Will they follow your suggestions if you make other business proposals to this list?

You bet - you have already made them money before, and the likelihood that you will make them money again will be considered high. This means that the conversion rates for such a list will be much better than a ‘cold list’ of prospects you have no relation to.

So what is the system that need to be in place to achieve the funded proposal'? The following elements should be present:

  • a duplicable website the lead can enter for free, with ample training materials freely available
  • the prospect study the material available and are pointed to the low cost opportunity and lead generation that both delivers residual short term (weekly) income covering cost plus providing a small profit.
  • one or several affiliate opportunities that provides recurring long term residual income
  • auto responders to follow up the leads generated, converting them from the low cost opportunity into the higher cost opportunity, giving recurring long term residual income
The system should also include training calls and discussions of the methods for recruiting. The training calls provides a community feeling and give the participants team spirit. The whole concept should be run with the aim of helping people achieving their goals of obtaining financial freedom. The training calls provides a community feeling and give the participants team spirit. All the participants provide customer service to the prospects that enters the system through their websites, they pay it forward for later profit. The users are allowed to make their own decisions, there are no hard selling to join the different opportunities, as the training provided will clearly demonstrate for the users the benefit for them to join all the opportunities.

Such a system will provide a continuous flow of prospects that is already highly qualified leads, and this means that you will never again need to buy leads, as the system will provide the leads required through the ‘funded proposal’.

Rolf Bratli
rolf's blog

Rolf Bratli is a marketer that has studied Internet Marketing trends for several years and wants to shear his observations to help the business users to apply the Internet more effectively.


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