Is The Rich Jerk A Scam: A Review


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The Rich Jerk is a well known name in the world if Internet Marketing, but is his claims of wealth true and possible for the average person? There's countless and unending claims of making money products online saying they'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams so is this one any different? I've bought his eBook and was surprised what I found inside.

In a very no nonsense way he tackles different areas of internet marketing. He seems to have his fingers in everything. Throughout his eBook he keeps the same persona and attitude that is prevalent on his website, but gets the message across. Here are briefly some of the things he covers and how they would be helpful to anyone trying to get into Internet Marketing or just to see if what he's offering is something they'd like to know.

The Rich Jerk covers Affiliate Marketing first. Which is selling another's products for a commission basically. Very helpful at the start is a list of websites perfect to join to become an affiliate on. He covers the major affiliate players as well as a short list of other websites someone can use if they don't want to deal with the larger websites. How to write a sales letter is covered as well and tips on points to hit to help the reader better optimize their sales page to convert sales. Getting Pay Per Lead is mentioned as well to help create opt-in lists as well as create some income assuming a portion of your leads become sales to the affiliate.

The subject of Pay Per Clicks campaigns is then hit including a section on the notorious Google Adwords. While his approach is in no way a full course of using Adwords to it's marketing potential(that could take volumes) he does show you how you can use it to get more click throughs to your intended selling page. The use of Adsense with Adwords is also covered so you'll be able to make some money from your Adsense account without spending everything you have on Adwords. This section is important to anyone wanting to drive paid targeted traffic to their website.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is tackled next. Getting incoming links to your website is important and he tells you things you can do to increase your Page Rank as well as a long list of directories to submit your site to. Other ways to promote your website are included from Press Releases to articles. Getting, keeping, and continuing to have varying content that is updated enough for your site to be found are mentioend as well. There is enough in this chapter to keep one busy promoting their website for a good while and should bring favorable results.

There is a lot more covered in this eBook and I find it great for anyone getting into Internet Marketing and should have some things some veterans of it can draw from. It seems mainly aimed to the beginner marketer laying things out in plain and easy to understand text. This is perhaps one of the best approaches to the Internet Marketing arena as it is full of buzz words and jargon they may not understand or be able to figure out. Also, there is enough things covered that someone should find something they like to try. While the Rich Jerk claims seems to be exaggerated the information in his eBook is very sound and to the point. Since he was an Average Joe like you or me before this he must have done something to succeed to the extent he claims. His eBook will leave you believing it's entirely possible and that you can do it too.

Check out The Rich Jerk here for more information.


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