Internet Marketing Audio Secret Lets You Avoid Deal-Killing Contracts

Michael Senoff

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Whenever I teach people how to create instant Internet audio products simply by calling and interviewing an expert, recording it and then uploading it online, people always ask about the legal aspects of this.

They want to know what kind of contract I use, what kind of lawyer to consult, and how to make sure the expert is okay with me recording and using the information.

But the truth is, I don't get anything in writing. And certainly not a contract.

I'm not saying you shouldn't get a contract, but I personally never do.

Some people would say you should get a contract that says you can record and sell their information, but I find if you ask someone to sign this contract it’s hard to get it. And I just do it over the phone where I have the person's verbal consent. That way it is in a real relaxed format.

You simply say, “We have to take care of some details, and just so you know, I’m recording the call and I have your permission to record it, and I may use it on my website. I may sell it down the road. So, I’m also going to give you a copy and you will also have the rights to promote your product or yourself with it when it’s done. Is that alright with you?”

See what I mean? I have to have any refuse that offer.

Bottom line:

You certainly can use a contract and all that - it's your choice - but all I do is get their agreement, and their consent right over the phone. It's a verbal contract. And I’ve never had any kind of problem in all these years.

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