Don't Try To Sell On The Web, You Have To Know How To Market

Dave Luther

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There are jillions of desperate salesmen, and saleswomen, on the web trying to sell a product, with very little or no success. Don’t even try to sell! You have to market your product. You have to understand the basic principals of marketing. People don’t want to be sold. You have to get into their head and make them want to buy.

Think of your last half dozen large purchases. How many of those things that you bought did you really need? You probably saw a few of them on TV. Then first time you saw the commercial you were interested and may have thought “That would be nice to have”, but you didn’t really consider buying it. By the seventh time you saw the commercial you decided that you just couldn’t live without it. The marketing people planted an idea in your head, then reinforced it, and reinforced it until you just couldn’t resist it any longer.

I’m not saying that they did anything wrong. That’s what drives our modern economy. If we would be honest with ourselves, we would admit that we could live in much smaller houses, drive much smaller cars, don’t need that boat, fancy dress or ring that we just bought.

A basic rule to remember is that most people buy emotionally, then justify the purchase logically.

H. Dave Luther
Henry D. Luther has been in the in the inventing, patenting, and marketing business for 50 years. Some of his inventions have been on the market for 40 years. He had computers before the P. C. was invented. He is a private pilot, sails in both freshwater and saltwater, and has homes in both Ohio and Texas.

Since he retired 10 years ago one of his hobbies is writing. His latest book is “How to invent, patent, and market” You can learn more about this book at


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Make Your Web Site Sell With These 3 Steps to Improve Your Web Site Marketing
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