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We have all read or heard these sales pitches,

Earn millions instantly, no effort, just simply join our business opportunity!

Spend 1 hour each day and you will be a millionaire within six months!

This is the best opportunity in the Universe!

Actually, one of my friends uses an online sales pitch almost as bad as these, but what he does next is really interesting, he tells them the truth, yes, the truth.

He first explains about his online opportunity and the earning potential, he then goes on to explain what it actually takes to be successful in his business and its not easy.

If after this they are still interested away they go.

Although deep down everybody knows there is no easy way to success, people still cling to the small hope that the perfect business opportunity is out there.

If you were to advertise a business opportunity with the headline, ‘This Business Opportunity Is Great But Really Hard, You Will Have To Spend Hours Studying And Building Your Business Before You See Any Real Success’, what sort of response do you think you would get, correct, a big fat ZERO!

Building an online business is just like building a house, get the foundations right and you can then build the house of your dreams, a house that will look good and stay strong, even in high winds.

The problem with the pace at which we live today, no one has the time to research and study. Everybody wants instant wealth and success.

Yes, there are successful people from every walk of life earning fantastic incomes online.

The one thing they all have in common, they have all built a strong business foundation by studying, researching and then putting what they have learned into practice.

There are lots of people who are really excited when they join an online business, they tell their family and friends all about it, they stay in the business, don’t really work the business, they then simply fade away into the ONLINE BUSINESS graveyard, which by the way, is enormous. Why?

I believe it goes back to what we were talking about earlier, they are just not prepared to study and research, even if it gets handed to them on a plate, because nearly all online businesses have their own ‘Success System’, which when you join an online business is handed to you.

So, whatever business you chose to build online, study, research, build a strong foundation, keep dreaming and NEVER quit.

It's not impossible for you to become the next online millionaire. In fact, it's VERY POSSIBLE.

Linden Huckle

Copyright 2006 Linden Huckle

Linden has been business building online and offline for several years, he has helped lots of people build their business's from home and ultimately take control of their lives. He believes that if people have the desire to succeed, anything is possible. Webucation ~ Health & wealth ~


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How to Build Your Party Plan Business Online
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