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What are 1:18 Model Cars?

Edmund Brunetti

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Model cars come in many different shapes and sizes, from the tiny cars that fit in the palm of your hand to slightly larger cars that act as desk ornaments. There are benefits for every single size of car, and the biggest one typically offered is the 1:18 diecast models set. These give a larger size with sacrificing detail and are always 18 times smaller than the average size of the car they are based on.

Most of them are around 28 centimetres long and around 10 centimetres tall, and they have a lot of interesting features. These include opening doors and trunks, steering wheels that move the front wheels when they are turned, and even detailed hoods that reveal a detailed engine underneath. Other brands can include leather interiors, working windshield wipers, and even movable gear levers.

These cars are works of art and designed to be as realistic as possible. Companies like Car Models of Braidwood carry several types in stock, including V8 supercars. So, if you have a favourite car and have always wanted to get under its hood and see how all of it works, then perhaps getting a set of 1:18 model cars will satisfy that curiosity.

The models are all typically made out of zinc and plastic, and they grew in popularity in 1970 for kits and models along with the 1:24 scale of cars. The sales of these models grew, and soon became the go too size for bigger cars. While toys like Hot Wheels dominated the smaller car market, the 1:18 model was the car that was the biggest and became a toy item rather than a serious model.

When the early 2000s came along, a revolution in the accuracy of the models began to rise and they became much more detailed. They were soon marketed as models and sold in model shops and dealerships rather than toy stores. The rise in the model accuracy caused a change in quality across the model car world, and now even the lower end car models are starting to pay more and more attention to detail.

Other types of models that can be bought include classic cars, construction vehicles, race cars, police cars, and muscle cars. Most of the 1:18 brand of vehicles are now only available to buy online, but can still be found in specialty stores.

They went from a toy for children to a serious model hobby, and that means that everyone can enjoy them. Can you imagine buying a model of your favourite car for yourself and then passing it down to your children for them to play with? Then when they grow up, they can learn to appreciate it for the model it is, and so on. The same 1:18 model cars can be passed down from generation to generation, and what a story that will be.

So get online, find a model that you love, and start making your own memories of the start of your first 1:18 diecast models collection.


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Building Model Cars - A Hobby For a Lifetime
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