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A Memory for All Ages: V8 Supercars

Edmund Brunetti

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One of the greatest things for every Australian local and newcomer to do before they can become a true Aussie is to watch a supercars championship. Supercar races are extremely popular, with several different types of cars and races to pick from before the major events even start. The events can include sprint races between cars, street races, and even long endurance races that test the durability of both the cars and their drivers over 6, 12, and even 24-hour long periods. Whew!

However, all these events have one thing in common: the cars. V8 supercars are used as the basis for the racers’ vehicles, with 5.0 V8 litre engines being required for every car. Various companies and manufacturers make their own design improvements to previous models and enter their cars into the fray. The new cars use aerodynamics, weight, and body shapes to give themselves an edge during the race. All the body shells are changed to ensure they meet regulations, as well as the weight and the engine.

No matter when and where you watch a supercar race, the adrenaline, excitement, and memories are more than likely something that any viewer will want to keep in their mind forever.

But why have it solely in your mind when a model of the winning V8 supercar could physically be in your hands? Fords, Holdens, and Mercedes Benzes from several different years are all able to be bought as model cars from shops. Cars driven by winners as well as prominent cars from memorable races alike are able to be purchased from a model car shop and displayed in your home.

Imagine your son or daughter being at a race, all the new sounds, smells, and excitement in the air. It’s their first race. Whether they know what is happening or not, they know that something is happening when the people around them start to cheer. Giving them a physical model of the winning car to hold and touch can help them connect the dots, especially if they are young. For subsequent races, you can even point out the car as one to watch.

You, as the adult, might have some memories of the car and its driver. Telling the stories will be much more effective with something to hold because you are holding a model of the car and its history in your hands. Go to a model car shop or order online, preferably after a race, and get a model for your family, then open it together and let the storytelling commence.

Then, the memory of a great race will not only be in your thoughts, but you will also have a physical reminder of the event for both you and your family. The model, and the story it tells will only grow in the telling as they are both told, retold, and passed down from generation to generation. It’s something that will never ever die, and that is the best give of all.


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