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Marketing Mistake #5 - Not Expanding Money Options

Toby Evans

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Selling products and services is just one way to make money online. You may even find that it's not the biggest portion of your income if your site gets very popular. Try to expand your moneymaking capabilities so that you aren't limiting yourself to a brick-and-mortar model of selling only a product or a service. People make money online in many different ways. It's important to understand these models and to implement them to expand the ways to increase your income potential.


When first getting into affiliate marketing, you will see many pay-per-click or pay-per-sale models available to choose from within your affiliate network, the most popular being the Google AdSense PPC program. These offers depend on people coming to your site and clicking on the links you set up. A pay-per-click (PPC) offer will pay you at most a few dollars for the click, and usually a few cents for each time a person clicks a link. A pay-per-sale will pay a percentage commission that depends on the affiliate offer, but is much harder to generate due to the action requested, completing a sale.

Along with PPC offers, there are cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate offerings that can generate income from your site. These offers pay out much better than PPC and only ask that a specific action be taken by the visitor, which can be to fill out a survey, add their email to a registration form, or opt-into a newsletter. The action can also be a sale, but there are many CPA offers that are looking just for sales leads, not for actual sales.

These are far easier to market on your site and lead to more income because a visitor isn't being asked to purchase anything, but just to complete some action that will eventually put money in your pocket, even though it's not directly obvious to the visitor.


You can make money via advertising space on your website. If the site becomes very popular, advertisers will line up to put their ad or banner on your page and give you a monthly stipend for that exposure. This can happen with traditional websites and with blogs too. That's just another way that you can exploit the website you have to create income without doing much additional work.

You can make money by putting up search engines that pay for every time that someone searches your site. You can also set up a membership area where special content is given to members for a monthly fee. You can offer discount coupons on your site to your offline businesses and reduce the cost of printing offline, thus creating more money in your retail budget. There are many ways to make money online that are different than what you currently

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Marketing Mistake #3 - Trying To Be Too Perfect
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