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Putting Creativity To Work When Designing a Bridal Bouquet

Edmund Brunetti

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Getting inspiration for a bridal bouquet takes a little more effort than you would think. The bouquet has to accentuate rather than overshadow the dress, but still has to stand out from a distance.

This year's most famous bridal flower bouquet, so far, is the simple and elegant one Meghan Markle carried down the aisle of St. George's Chapel, Windsor when she married Prince Harry.

Her bouquet was all white and contained a sprig of myrtle symbolizing hope and love. So it is a great addition to anyone's wedding day no matter who they are.

Having your own professionally tended gardens doesn't hurt either. For the rest of us, bridal bouquet ideas often don't come from our own gardens but from a florist.

Flowers are more than just a pretty face

Most flowers and plants come with some symbolism all their own. Forget-me-nots are an obvious example and an easy one. But flowers like roses change their symbolism with their colour. Luckily a florist is well versed in the meanings and can guide you away from a bridal flower bouquet faux-pas.

Flowers reflect the wedding mood

If you would rather elope than be married in a dress that looks like a meringue then you don't want the bridal bouquet to be some huge cascade of flowers which knocks you in the eye.

On the other hand, if you do want a big frock with yards and yards of taffeta then that's exactly what you want.

Your florist will give you bridal bouquet ideas that reflect your personality, what you plan to wear and any general themes and colours you have chosen for your special day.

The Royals went all white. Can you use colour?

Colours in the bouquet can reflect any of the other colours going on in the wedding. If the bride is wearing white or cream, then any colour scheme is a possibility, but remember that colours have a feeling like they have a symbolism. Pink is feminine and pretty, whereas orange could be bold and daring.

Understanding the use of colour and how it works with your colour palette and other décor choices is an important factor when choosing the colours of your bouquet

You only get the one - so choose wisely

To get the very best from your one-and-only there are a few things to bear in mind.

Try and get the dress before the flowers. At least have a pattern or picture, that way the florist has an idea to work with.

Make sure you think about the shape and size too. The current trend right now is organic, untamed and large bouquets, and if you have a lot of lace at the back then balance from the flowers would be nice. If all the detailing is on the skirt of the dress, don't hide it.

Lastly, check out what's in season. Some flowers simply might not be available at the time you marry. There are often greenhouse varieties but it isn't quite the same and buying out of season is more expensive.

For gatering more information about bridal flower bouquet and the best bridal bouquet ideas please check out these links.


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