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Where Content Marketing Should Be in 2017

Saji N

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The marketing idiom ‘Content is King’ has finally become a stark reality. With the prospects and possibilities of content marketing constantly evolving, it’s time we stop, sit, re-evaluate and start a fresh course of content action. Here are some pointers to steer you into the right direction.

There is no running away from it. It's that blunt truth staring every marketer right in their face. It's going to be tough, but it's time we face it. Three months into 2017, it's time to come to terms with it, accept the challenge and start acting on it, like - pronto!

The bad news!

Not sure what this panic is all about? Well, digital marketing experts’ world over have predicted that 2017 is going to be a heck of a challenging and twisted year for ‘Content Marketing’.

Reason? It's because this year, content has truly come of age and matured, like never before. Which means, marketers will have to initiate new strategies to up their word game and try to play around with variations in order to stay on par with the challenging trend.

The good news!

On the flipside, the tougher it gets, the bigger the prize! If you manage to nail it, content marketing will reap rewards like no other medium. Moreover, such challenges are what lures and fascinate a creative mind. Mundane becoming boring for the content architect as well for the audience if made to consume recycled and repeated content, constantly. So, how to we go about constructing content that is fresh, crisp, catchy, out-of-the-box, one-of-its-kind, all rolled into one? Here are few recommendations and predictions made by content connoisseurs worldwide you might want to consider:

Get cracking with creativity: Regular is dull. Here on, it's going to be all about fun formats, inspiring style of writing, quirky tones and crisp materials that resonate with your audience and captivates them within an instant. In upcoming points, we'll deal with details the different formats that would become big this year. But, that apart, even with your style of content marketing - renovate and revamp. Add some zing and punch.

Visuals will become vital: while scrolling through our daily posts on social media, don't we all stop at that gorgeous photo, funny meme, a comical GIF or a viral video? That's the captivating power of visual. And, 2017 has acknowledged this trend like never before. Search engines are getting smarter in evaluating and rating images too. Marketers predict that this year, the highest returns would be through videos. Google, through YouTube openly favours videos and so does Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. So, get the cameras rolling!

Everyone will love a good story: a human connect through your words is what your consumer will accept and consume. Creating generic blog posts just for the sake of populating your website will not work. Instead, weave a bit of human connect and bring your write ups to life. If your consumer can relate to what they read, they will keep coming back for more.

Newsy and topical will be the fad: Nothing works like a spinning a current piece of news into your feature write up or marketing bit. It creates an instant connection. Many content experts refrain from doing this, as the shelf life of such content is very minimal. The piece remains relevant only till the news lasts. But, remember, Snapchat and the new feature Instagram Stories revolves around this very concept. The deadline on content evokes a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to consume the content immediately.

'LIVE’ will liven up content: Chats, Facetime, Snapchat, Live streaming will become all the rage. Letting a user feel connected with an instant response will be a super-duper hit. This exercise will take customer service to the next level. Content marketing agencies in Dubai have taken this cue very seriously and are generating visual and real-time data based content to help your consumer feel up-to-date and constantly connected. Almost every social media has a feature to incorporate this content marketing mix.

Traditional mediums will change in form: This might the year of doom (of sorts at least) for the native and traditional nature of advertising. So, divert your attention from creating content for hoarding, billboards and the likes and think social media. Publish quirky smart and tangible content to drive the right nature of traffic. Reason being - content marketing is more cost effective and ensures a wider reach. Not just that, publishing content on third party website will eventually take a back seat.

Constant connection will become crucial: with so much going on in the online space, retention span of consumers is shrinking. While a swanky post with rich content will ensure that you get attention from the right user, but will not guarantee their stay. In order to make your consumers keep coming back for more, indulge in regular engagement. Keep generating and posting content at regular intervals, and you'll have your users tied to you like hook line and sinker.

Saji Nair is a digital and online marketing expert with a keen eye for content. He is the founder of one of Dubai’s finest digital and content marketing agencies called Wisoft Solutions.


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