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Digital Marketing: Promoting Your Business Part I

Uday Patel

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Digital Marketing is the buzzword. Essentially a method to promote business website on the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) it includes search engine optimisation. Digital marketing takes place in many forms free as well as paid. Paid method consists of publishing Ads in medium like Google Adwords, Face Book and other platforms. Paid marketing is expensive and leads to results but it can be an utter failure. Failure arises from inept ads and inability to optimise the whole campaign.

The charge for advertisement campaign is usually on pay per click. The ads are promoted on SERPs on bidding basis. That is how much you are willing to pay the cost per click for the ads. The charge could also be on impression basis i. e. how many times your advertisement is visible on the net. For such campaign a set of keywords are chosen and ads appear only whence those terms are searched on the Internet. Google Adwords offers geo-targeting so you can choose as to on which country platforms your ad should appear. The success of the campaign depends upon the keywords chosen, targeting countries good for once business as well as setting correct visitor profile. You can also optimise the timing of the ads depending upon the day time in the respective country.

These campaigns are often indulged in by big budget companies aiming for business online as well as publicity. This is an excellent manner to build brand image and online reputation. Small companies with high valued products can organise small campaigns. Usually test marketing on smaller budget is first conducted by Seo professional hired for this task. If the results show promise, the marketers can go ahead with larger budget.

The payment is deposited online or by check in the account and the deduction takes place therein. The advertisement campaign continues as long as the money in the account lasts.

These campaigns are usually resorted to in absence of search engine optimisation. As a wise business strategy companies nowadays conduct optimisation exercise as well ad campaign in conjunction. Whence the sites succeed to climb up on the SERPs on chosen terms it reduces the cost of paid marketing. This is a double benefit game.

Uday is Seo professional in Jabalpur in India hence the article. He also provides website content writing services on the Internet. Uday owns company known as Live Web Services (LWS) based in Jabalpur.


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