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The Latest Innovation in Social Media Industry

Saji N

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Discover the latest innovations that is ushering major transformation in the social media industry. Also, get to know the current trends in social media industry.

How is the social media industry getting evolved? What are the latest innovations that are going to rule the roost in the days to come? How do the prospects for social media marketing look like in the future?

Below, we highlight some of the latest techniques practiced in the social media industry the focus of which is to enhance the brand engagement.

Use of GIF and immersive video for increased brand engagement

Hope everybody would have witnessed the paradigm shift in the content representation styles across all social media channels. During its inception days, it was merely text and videos that can be found in social media channels. It has evolved to a far greater extent blossoming to micro-videos and cinemagraphs. Was this change welcomed by the users? Of course, yes. Social media platforms have become the hub spot for youngsters who love to stay online and build their virtual group of friends. Instead of communicating through text, social media users make their expressions through gifs and micro-video. It is being said that cinemagraphs increase the user engagement rate by 60%. This has fueled all top social media platforms to explore and innovate new content representation formats and integrating the same with their social platforms.

Social media sites like Facebook and Google have integrated 360-degree video streaming capabilities thus increasing the social engagement.

Real-time broadcasting

Real-time screening in social media has become a big hit among users as they can get to watch their desired content on the go. In-the-moment content in social media enables deeper engagement through which users are offered an opportunity to stay updated on the latest happenings associated with their most-liked brand. Streaming apps like snap chat, periscope and Twitter moments are some of the social media network sites considered to be the best platforms for streaming in-the-moment content. With consumer playing the role of a content curator, in-the-moment content that has garnered best reviews are likely to go viral.

Modern days users want to have instant access to real-time and offline events as well. By live streaming, the content brands can showcase their authentic side.

Customized Content and Personalized Targeting

Presume that you have updated your engagement status on Facebook. By this time, you would have received a bouquet of wishes and greetings from your friends and well-wishers. And now, it would be the time for you to start the preparations for the big day. Now to your surprise you get to see an advertisement on Facebook, wherein your favorite brand has proposed an extraordinary offer for you. Definitely, you would be on cloud nine. Isn’t it?

Brands should keep a close track of the lifestyle events that is happening in the lives of consumers. Utilizing behavioral data will enable brands to customize the content are target personally. And here, leveraging the power of data becomes extremely critical.

Employees as social brand ambassadors

It's a well-known fact that every business has its own social media team dedicated to performing social marketing. However, despite that, they struggle to meet the objective. The latest trend as of now is that brands have started to rely on their own employees to share updates about the business on their respective social media accounts.

By utilizing their own employees for building brand engagement, a business can be assured of attaining increased social reach. According to a recent research, content shared through employees attract more likes and shares thus enhancing brand engagement which is eight times more than that of content shared by a brand.

Social Shopping

Social shopping is expected to be the brand new innovation as far as social media is concerned. When launched, users will have a provision to purchase clothes, gadgets, and other items without even exiting their feeds. Moreover, through analysis, it has been determined that posts updated by friends are considered to be the major influencer of purchase decisions. When this feature gets launched, the user base of all social media channels is expected to witness a manifold increase.

Social shopping is going to revolutionize the whole gamut of social media marketing in all respects.

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