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How to Deal with Your Old Technic: Sell Old Laptop for Top Cash

Kate Shchepak

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Buying a new laptop or having unexpected present, there is a question: how to deal with your old computer? As the responsible inhabitant of our planet, you cannot just throw away your old gadget into the rubbish-bin. What is more, if it is still good-working, you can sell old laptop for top cash to compensate the price for your new future purchase.

Viable Methods

Deciding to throw your gadget away, it would be better to take it to the special studio or center for recycling and reworking. If your old laptop is still alive, there are many variants to trade it on the web. Of course, you can use eBay, but you have to wait for your client for some time, or even more.

Instead of selling your old gadget to one or another end customer, it is worth trying to find a couple of specialized internet-shops. They will buy your old gadget without any further delay in order to sell it again and again by their own trade channels.

The next point: try to use social media. Of course, this is not a 100% variant, but there is always a chance to sell your old technic to one or another of your friends or your friends’ friends. Remember that it is not a problem to find special group, where people usually try to sell their old equipment, clothes, furniture, household items. Nevertheless, dealing in social media by means of exchanging contacts is not safe. There is no guarantee that your future partner is going to be honest and pleasant men or women.

There are many other available methods to sell old laptop for top cash. How fast are they? How safe are they? Everything depends not only on trade channel that you chose, but price. Price is the most important factor that must be also considered. Price can help you to sell your technic maximally fast and profitable.

Getting Answers

There are many internet resources that can easily help you to get answers all your trade questions. Try to learn the lists of completed deals on eBay to make a good price for your gadget. You can also make a price search from various trade web platforms to compare the prices.

As far as the most of models have different configurations and parameters, the prices are varied in broad positions, depending on your particular laptop model and producer. To make price, consider not only laptop component parts, but display size. It is useful to remember the date of purchasing. Of course, it is important to have an answer the question: how old is your laptop?


To make information about your laptop clear and structuring, try to make a list of the laptop main components you have to describe.

What is your laptop OS? Is it Windows, Linux, Mac OS? Try to find it out! Use your laptop operating system to learn all necessary information about your laptop processor, memory, video and graphic parameters.

Hard drive parameters can be easily found in facilities section of your computer. You can also explore how much free place it is left. Just press the Apple sign and choose About This Mac. If your laptop power battery is ok, as far as the laptop corpus and the rest of details, you can put a good price for it.

Laptops Buy-up

Laptops buy-up is useful for those people, who are really interested in this process at the moment. As you can see according to internet-shops and news-boards, the laptops trade sphere is highly competitive. So, to sell old laptop for top cash you have to make efforts. There are many positive and negative features of trading laptops online by means of seller-buyer private cooperations.

- If you are not a professional technician, it can be difficult to orientate yourself in pricing policy. The better part of posts makes their prices higher.

- As a rule, if you are good technician, you should know all pluses and minuses of your apparatus. So, the price is adequate, according to your desire to sell laptop faster. Be objective!

- Saving time is important. If you want to save your time, you may use online trade. Cooperating with buy-of companies, free shipping and initiate quote are available to save time of both partners. Pay attention to online appraisal!

Actually, buy-up is always supported by many risks. The biggest of them is failure. You are always afraid that your laptop is worth more money that you ask. From the other hand, you want to sell it fast. Buy-up is absolutely complicated process, heeded special knowledge, skills and time. So, to sell old laptop for top cash, you should not disregard professional help.

Watch Out!

Finally, the most important question for all people, who wish to trade their old stuff online, is How to provide a safe deal? I want to get profit of my old laptop, but I do not want to risk.

There are no answers this question! It is really impossible to make a concrete conclusion or name concrete company to be safe. Dealing online, you cannot know for sure, how safe your deal can be. From the other hand, you always can do the following:

  • Go to the nearest shop and sell your laptop;

Call for buy-up person or company to send your gadget for available price. By the way, free shipping is guaranteed.

Physiologically, these two variants are saver than selling laptop by means of trade platforms on your own. Just think, you are offered a concrete price for concrete advantages or disadvantages of your gadget. You may also have a full explanation about everything you are interested in. What is more, you may use special online estimation service to be well-oriented in price policy. It is enough!

Who knows, maybe you are a good entrepreneur, thinking ahead! So, you may try your luck. Otherwise, you can find a good company that you can trust and start your partnership. Sell your laptop for top cash right now! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!


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