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Can I Make Money Marketing Online?

Robert Gafeney

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Hello All: I have been asked this question numerous times, can I make money marketing online? After many years. I have came to this conclusion it depends on “YOU" and the “OPPORTUNITY" or “SERVICE". With the right mindset and the right product or services anyone can make money marketing online.

However “YOU" must have a main plan and a backup, some refer to this as a business plan or a success plan etc. However without a plan it's like going on a trip without a map and no destination. You have to create a plan may it be short term or long term “you must have a plan" The key is to create a plan by writing it out and using a flow chart. I do both

How To Make Money

Below is an outline that before starting any make money opportunity.

1. What are you trying to accomplish ? (Your Goals)

2. How much time are you going to give yourself to accomplish #1 ?

3. What sacrifices are you will to make to accomplish #1 (Family, Me Time etc. )

4. How much money/finances are you going or able to realistically allocate to accomplish #1? (initial start up, Monthly Fee's, Advertisement, Traffic Generation, Auto responder, optin pages etc. )

5. How much time are you going to devote to self improvement? (Training, Motivation, Team Building, Self Improvement, Traffic Generation)

6. Okay once you have given yourself an honest realistic answer then you can search for the Opportunity that fits your Business Plan/Success Plan.

Special Note: Your Make Money Opportunity

You Must Stay Focused On “YOUR PLAN" (BEWARE:BEWARE:BEWARE) of Shinny Objects!! Let them shine on someone else. You must have Faith and Believe in your Plan. Don't change your plan because your make money marketing online plan is an established representation of “your commitment" to yourself, your family, your legacy. Remember all that glitters isn't GOLD/Diamonds. “I am dead serious"

Put On your “Blinders" Like a Horse running a race and the crap fly past “YOU" and hit someone else that is not focused in the face!! :-) lol.

I hope that isn't to harsh for you but it is the truth. This is how my Team of Business Partners and I stay focused together. “Team Work-We Work Together Not Alone" You have to remember that Rome was not built in just one day and Guess what “If they would have given up Rome would have never been built" You cannot build a solid lasting online business in just a few days or weeks. I reality, keeping it real-there is no make money now Business that will secure your financial future if this is what your are looking for.

However there are Business that you can “BUILD A FORTUNE" Online that will last with a solid foundation. They are considered Evergreen Businesses which means they will last beyond the next couple of hours, days or even years, perennially providing you with new sources of sales or prospects which mean a lasting opportunity to make money!

Special note" “YOU" can make money on line!

If you set realistic goals for yourself and never Quit.

Many Marketers or make money seekers get right to the line of success right before the turning point and quit. Why because they either did not have a plan or there plan was just not realistic there was no room for Faith, Vision or Belief.

When you get that close to the line of success and quit all of your hard work your efforts are gone. Failure only leads to success because you learn what does not work which gets you closer and closer to what does work. without failure there cannot be any true success. There are solutions to every problem they just have to be found and every solution to your problem might not be the same solution for someone else however the road map can be the same but the terrain might just be a little different.

The key is to believe in yourself have faith and stay focused follow you plan that you have devised for you success.

I wish you nothing but Abundance in your business endeavors and have a very Blessed Day. Until Next Time Part 2 of 3. Robert Gafeney.

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Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing
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