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1 Stream Of Income Epidemic

Robert Gafeney

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Hello All. . . . . . Here is my story . . . …. a few years ago I was presented with an Opportunity and like most that are presented with an Opportunity I basically ignored the presenter because I was not interested because I had a Job…. so the Individual told me that’s okay Robert I understand “You are blinded by 1 Stream Of Income” I told myself what the heck is this idiot talking about and he moved on and the truth of the matter I never had a second thought about his words until one day

I was escorted into my bosses… boss Office however my thoughts where today is the day because……I had been working really hard and had taken my work to the next level and had put my family life on hold and made my job priority #1 Now of course in all honesty my thoughts where……… I was going to get the promotion that I was working hard for or a pay Increase so I sat down, I was so anxious I could hardly hold the thank you in, I was rehearsing my speech over and over and then he began to talk and He said Robert and I felt the anxiety rising, He said as of Today your services are no longer needed because our Company is going in a new direction. I just sat there in awe I was flat out speechless.

I was at a loss of words all I could say was I wish you well in you endeavors in your new direction I got up and left “Honestly” I got in my car and as I drove away these words rang in my head “You are blinded by 1 Stream Of Income” It only took a matter of seconds to realize what this individual was telling me because……. See I had just lost my #1 main stream of Income for myself my family. However I was fortunate “real story” to have signed up for the Empower Network Just that same Morning.

I didn’t know what to expect or what I was supposed to do but I knew that I had hope, desire and vision, I knew that IF I could work my tail off to build someone else’s business that I can do the same for my own. You know there is an Old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one Basket” Let the truth be told……. that is what a large % of us do every day when we become content or conform to just “1 Stream of Income”

We are setting ourselves up for disaster and anyone that is close to us because losing your only stream of income is devastating it impacts your whole family in multiple ways. I now look at multiple stream of income as simple math If someone makes 50,000 per year from one source and they lose that source what do they have “NOTHING” but take that same person if they make 50,000 from 5 sources and lose one what do they have 40,000…

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