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Google Adwords vs Facebook


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Today advertising with sponsored links on the Google and in Facebook enables you to reach easily to your targeted audience. Using these mediums you can get your business to next level. But currently there is a debate between both, who is best. What is the best medium to invest on, to get maximum ROI (Return on Investment). Some will share good experience and some will share bad. We will discuss both and try to get the conclusion.

Why Google AdWords:

  1. Ads can be displayed depending on location - So if anybody is providing services in any specific location then it can be the best option. For example a small business owner is supplying pizza in Adelaide city in Australia then he can target his ads in Australia(Adelaide) only, so that he don't have to pay for the clicks that are not going to pay him anything.
  2. CPC selection - Google have provided several tools to get the average cost per click also called CPC. So that one can select keywords on the basis of his budget.
  3. Number of users - There is no doubt Google is the most used website in the world. It is obviously great to provide ads on the website that is having maximum number of users.

Why Facebook:

  1. Number of Advertisers - Google AdWords has far more advertisers than Facebook. So the competition will be obviously less in Facebook.
  2. Ad positions - On a single page Google places 10 to 12 ads in the right side and top of the organic results. But the Facebook page is having less number of ad places.
  3. Number of Impressions - We have experienced and from other surveys it is clear on Google we get less impression [1/10th part] as compared to Facebook.

The most important factor is competition. On Facebook there are less publishers competing for the ad space and there CPM makes a great difference if compared with Google CPM. Though more costly, Google AdWords campaign offers the highest return on investment, aggressively presenting your leadership status with a sponsored link.

You've seen Facebook Ads day after day and you've heard that they can be extremely effective. You decide that you're going to try the waters and cash in on all of those potential customers. You're going to take the plunge and try to reach some of the millions upon millions of people who use the social networking site every day.

You put together an advertisement and Facebook approves it. You run it for a week and then another week. But you barely get a nibble. That's right. Nothing happens. Why not? Where did you go wrong?

The fact is that there are many wrong turns you may have taken in creating your Facebook ad. The primary one may be in creating an ad that lacks focus and really doesn't have a clear message. In other words, you're not sure what your ad is about, so how can anyone else know?

Here are three essential questions that will aid you in your creation of a successful Facebook ad. If you can answer these, you'll be able to communicate with your potential customers.

Why Are Your Running the Ad?

That's the first question you have to answer. What is the purpose of your advertisement? What are you selling? Is this an ad designed to attract people to become members of your site, to capture the attention of people who are looking for a bargain or to get people to buy an expensive, high-tech item?

You may have a site or business that offers all three but you can't sell all three in one Facebook Ad. So, make a choice-why are you running the advertisement? What are you trying to sell?

List Three Defining Points

It helps if you can find three short phrases or even just three words that will define your product. You may want to brainstorm as many words or phrases as possible for five straight minutes, writing down everything associated with your product that comes to mind.

Then go through the list, creating a shortlist by circling eight to 10 of the best words. After that, you should run through that list and either combine the remaining words into three short phrases or narrow those words down to the three that most effectively define and describe your product.

Talk to Your Customers

Before creating your ad, you need to decide who your customer is and use their language to sell your product to them. There's a big difference in creating ad copy targeted at someone single between the ages of 18 and 25 and someone married between the ages of 38 and 50. Whoever they are be sure to speak their language. Now use the purpose of your Facebook ad to create copy using your three defining points.

Picture Your Ad

Along with creating effective, defined and focused copy, you'll need to have a picture that will capture people's attention. It's important that it represent your business in an active, positive manner. Coordinate and combine image and words and you'll be on your way to devising a Facebook ad that will work.

Because of the popularity of Facebook and the hundreds of thousands of opportunities that it can give, many online marketers are using Facebook ads to gain wider exposure and also grow their business. But Facebook is strict with regards to advertising and they won't accept just any kind of ads that people will place on their site, so you have to follow their rules.

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ResponseWorks specializes in PPC (pay per click), Google Adwords Management , Website Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing and Services for small and medium size customers who want to grow. We are based in Sydney but have customers all over Australia. We are not owned by, employed by, or agents of the various search engines we recommend, and we (sadly) don't get paid commissions from them. But we do believe Google, Yahoo and Nine MSN, with 98% of the on-line search engine market1, offer some of the lowest cost forms of advertising and promotion on the Internet or off. And we have a large number of clients who completely agree


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