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No to Spam and Inappropriate Comments


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The top irritant in most websites and inboxes around the world is SPAM and inappropriate comments/content. What most people don’t know is that these “irritants” pose a bigger threat to businesses because of their potentially damaging nature. Any small problem when accumulated, creates complications that could mean the downfall of a business.

SPAM is the indiscriminate posting of bulk messages regarding various topics, offers and information without the operational costs of conventional advertising. On the other hand, inappropriate comments are the posting of text that illicit undesirable reactions of intended or unintended nature. Both have no specific target population and their goals are clear and simple; spreading a message that a percentage of the online population might actually pay attention to plus react for or against. Regardless of the goal or purpose of SPAM and comments, the end-result is quite universal – it floods websites and inboxes thereby causing clutter, unwanted traffic, memory consumption and most significantly, it degrades the standard user-experience.

Online moderation addresses these issues before they become full-blown problems. The elimination of SPAM and inappropriate comments requires three key factors; (1) Diligence, (2) The ability to identify/recognize potential threats and (3) The speed in taking action. All these factors work together in proper SPAM filtering and comment regulation. Combined with diligence, a skilled moderator knows how to weed-out SPAM and can easily identify comments that could be considered distasteful. Knowing what to look for and judge what to retain or delete contributes to the speed at which content may be removed; this thereby shortens negative brand exposure, maintaining the positive user experience within the website and retaining the patronage of customers within the target market. Plus it keeps all products and services reliable, marketable and sustainable based on customer backing.

A carefully guarded and well maintained website free from SPAM and inappropriate comments is a clear reflection of a dignified business that is serious in its aim to serve. It shows or more importantly, proves to users that they are the priority and that their business experience is the main concern of the company. The customers who see how much effort is given to provide impressive service that is within or above standards gain increased confidence in the business, meaning that they will stay longer, help in adding to client numbers through recommendations and remain loyal for as long as the company stays reliable, clean and untainted by SPAM and/or inappropriate comments.

There will always be SPAMMERS and users who promote trolling, goading or defamation. That is the reality of being part of the world wide web. Their mere presence is a threat to any website and business that values reputation. Online moderators and the services they provide are the number one defence against these very real online threats. Whether your goal is prevention, damage control, clean-up or security, online moderation is the unanimous answer.

Keep your website SPAM-free and avoid inappropriate comments through “WWW Moderation”. The Online moderation service that’s Diligent, Experienced and Quick. For more information about website monitoring and online moderation, visit or email us at .


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