Financial Freedom Through Integrity and Honesty


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Starting down the road to owning your own business can be exciting, frightening and challenging. It takes a lot of courage to leave behind the promise of a steady paycheck and strike out on your own. One of the keys to long term financial freedom and consistent, steady passive income is running your business with the highest standards of integrity.

You may be surprised to hear that integrity and honesty still matter in the business world today. It seems sometimes that business ethics and integrity are the exception rather than the rule. However, treating customers and employees with dignity and respect is an absolutely vital part of achieving your goal of financial freedom. Without integrity, there is no financial freedom. Any passive income gained through duplicity and dishonesty will be fleeting, and the damage to your reputation and that of your business will quickly erase any short-term gains.

In the end, it is the honest businessperson who prospers. We’ve all heard the horror stories about the sellers in online auctions who rack up tens of thousands of dollars in sales then disappear without delivering the goods to their buyers. These types of stories make headlines, and play on our fears of being taken for a ride. However, you may not hear the less glamorous stories of honest sellers at those same auction houses. The mom and pop shops who have opened their virtual doors and made a great living by delivering quality products and services, not just today but for years to come. These are the types of business people who survive, prosper and achieve the financial freedom they so richly deserve.

As you strike out on the road to financial freedom, remember that generating long term passive income requires that you be honest and focused on your customers. Remember that no matter what, the customer is in charge. If you focus like a laser on serving the needs of your customers, your passive income stream will grow into a raging river, and you will achieve your goal of financial freedom more quickly than you ever imagined.

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