The Extraordinary Power Of Duplication


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I am a firm believer that when we help others to succeed, we in turn succeed ourselves. In the world of Internet marketing, this philosophy will take you far. So far, in fact, that you may be blown away by the results of putting it into action in your own online marketing campaign.

Many people, once discovering what works, try to keep it to themselves, rather than developing creative ways to share this knowledge and profit even more. Although I could write fifty pages on this topic, I will share one of these creative methods with you right now. I hope you find it helpful.

You’re probably well aware of affiliate programs by now. Heck, they’re nothing new, having been around for over a decade as I sit here writing this article. You’ve probably heard of multi-tier affiliate programs as well, which reward both the affiliate and sub-affiliate for each sale made through the sub-affiliate’s efforts.

Here’s how to capitalize on the undeniable power of duplication, starting today: discover what works in the multi-tier affiliate game and flush what doesn’t. Then share this knowledge with your sub-affiliates. It’s that simple.

Most affiliate marketers don’t know any of their sub-affiliates, make an attempt to get to know them or help them to profit and have time for the things that they enjoy most in life. I’ll no go ahead and share a few ways in which you can start earning big through multi-tier affiliate programs.

1. Build a relationship with your sub-affiliates through a newsletter, discussion forum, website, blog, and/or anything that enriches their marketing experience and gives them the tools they need to make it online.

2. Write product reviews of quality products that offer generous multi-tier commission. Then share them with your sub-affiliates.

3. Create viral ebooks that your sub-affiliates can give away for free; can you see how both parties stand to profit by just taking this one action?

4. Share any innovations that will help them to increase their commissions and conversion rates.

5. Lead by example. Take action; prove to them that what you say works, actually works. Take action and refine that action. Improve with every action you take.

6. Add residual and recurring income opportunities to this equation and create a marketing campaign on steroids. Don’t believe me? Try it and see.

7. Share the previous six steps with them. They’ll be grateful you did. Keep the human element at the front of your mind; how can you assist them in getting what they want out of life? I guarantee that you’ll get everything that you want by thinking of them before yourself.

Like I said, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are always more ways to help others to profit and in turn profit yourself. The law of compensation applies to Internet marketing too, you know! Have fun and discover how well you do once you put these principles into action!

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