EBay and Skkype, a Done Deal


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You have to admit that when eBay make up their minds that they want something they do not hang about. On Monday it was announced that eBay had paid $4.1 billion for the Internet communications company. You have to admit that is a heck of a price for the 200 employee London based business.

So what does Skype do? Simply it allows members to talk to each other providing they have installed the Skype software. Currently if you want to make calls to landlines there is a small charge but it costs nothing to talk to anyone anywhere in the world using the Internet.

You do not have to be a genius to realise the impact that this technology could have on International communications. Very similar I expect to the effect that e-mail had on traditional mail services. The question of course is what does eBay want with Skype.

Skype allows you to dial another Skype user and speak to them via your microphone and computer speakers. Each member has their own “telephone number” and can access an on screen telephone keypad.

The big question everyone’s currently asking is “What exactly are eBay going to do with their new purchase?” Up to date they have given no indication but that has not stopped suggestions coming thick and fast from interested observers.

One theory is that eBay will add Skype as a contact seller option. On the surface this could appear to be a great new tool. If you wanted to contact a seller you would have the option of either messaging or clicking the Skype link to speak to the seller direct.

Personally the thought that when you list on eBay anyone in the world can “phone “ your computer fills me with horror. Unless eBay can introduce some form of monitoring you are going to get telephone spamming and a possible deluge of calls. Also eBay like to control all the communications between buyers and sellers and this might not be so easy with an audio medium rather than a written one.

I cannot believe that the quantity sellers will be very keen of the idea of having a torrent calls coming into their computers. In fact I suspect that most sellers will deactivate the service. To be honest all of this may just be “crystal ball gazing” and only time will tell if Skype will become an important marketing tool or not.

Another suggestion is that this purchase is the first move by eBay to diversify their interests. Some market watchers believe that the eBay bandwagon may be slowing down and Meg Whitman, eBay’s CEO is looking for new markets to conquer. If this is true then it will be taken by the market place as an admission that their core market is slowing down.

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